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  • Andre Lamartin


What is the message of this movie? Is it a sad commentary on the state of modern day relationships in the Information Age, where it is easier to fall in love with an operating system, than with a fellow human being? Or is it an incredibly original love story about how the true basis of a romantic relationship is friendship and companionship? I am actually convinced that it might be a bit of both and this is what makes the movie at times endearing, fascinating, sad, repulsive and even scary.

In the end, “Her” is one of Spike Jonze’s best works. It deserved the Golden Globe for best original screenplay and certainly deserves an Oscar as well. It addresses one of the most important paradoxes of our time: the same technology that has done so much to lift the constraints of time and space, which separate human beings, has also decreased the level of real world social interaction. Even today, it is not uncommon to meet people who seem to be dating their smartphones.

On this note, Einstein is credited with saying: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Despite all evidence to the contrary, let us hope that such a day never comes to pass.

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