Les Ballets de Monte Carlo - Swan Lake

April 10, 2014

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If there is anything in this world more graceful and majestic and than the sight of the ballerinas of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo performing Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, I have not seen it yet. Les Ballets de Monte Carlo is the national classical ballet company of the Principality of Monaco. They are currently performing a modern rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and have just arrived in London, after having toured through Los Angeles and New York.


Going in, I knew that the reviews had been almost universally harsh, but despite the poor costume design, uninspired sets and questionable plot adaptations, the passion and vigor of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo cannot be denied. As a modern rendition of Tchaikovsky’s timeless classic, it succeeds where it counts most, in the dancing and music. The ending itself is particularly spectacular and the performance received a five minute standing ovation from a packed house, deservedly so.


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