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  • Andre Lamartin

Life by the River

For most of my life, the beach was the sanctuary of my soul. This is where I relaxed with loved ones, where I went spearfishing with my father, where I read myriad books, where I recited poems, where I played the guitar, where I watched the waves, where I listened to music, where I took my dog to play fetch, where I stargazed, where I prayed, where I ran, where I went for long walks by the moonlight... This is where I lived. In a different place, in a different time.

Now I live by a river. It bathes an iridescent city that never sleeps, a city where the most expensive commodity is time itself. The whispering sound of the ocean breeze has given way to the smoldering, roaring gust of wind of the approaching train that runs through its blood vessels. The life by the sea I once had is no more. The life by the river has just begun.

It is said that when a man gets tired of London, he gets tired of life itself; for all that there is to do in life, can be found in London. Let’s hope that you are right Mr. Samuel Johnson, let’s hope that you are right. The sacrifices have not been small and the expectations remain high.

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