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  • Andre Lamartin

State of Flow

There is a certain moment when you reach the apex of physical exertion when past and present coalesce into one and all that remains is an euphoric rush headlong into the future. Synapses fire, muscles contract and your tunnel vision is focused on the objective ahead. There are no worries, no fears, no anxiety, or tears. You have reached the climax, the state of flow and so it goes. Beat by beat. Breath by breath. Step by step. Free at last, free at last.

PS – This is how I felt when I was nearly destitute, but trained three and half hours a day for the greatest competition of all, life. I wish that I had taken pictures of those days gone by, but now memories are all that remain. In retrospect, I was the richest pauper this world has ever known. Sometimes the more you have, the less you are, the less you have, the more you are.

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