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  • Andre Lamartin

A Battle Cry Unheard

Outlandish campaign promises of yesterday, nonexistent policies of tomorrow. This is the leap taken by most newly elected Presidents. The histrionic reality of the democratic process in polarized societies often transforms the presidential election into a race to the bottom. Once the first loser emerges victorious, the timeless question then presents itself: will he or she live up to the promises made? Preemptively answering this question requires one to usurp the crown of history, a seditious act punishable by future public excoriation. In order to avert the pillory, silence is sometimes the best refuge for the weary. One should never wage the war of words when physically, emotionally and mentally drained, lest regret emerge victorious. So this time around, a battle cry will go unheard. Apologies to all concerned.

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