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  • Andre Lamartin

One Day To Be

She was my princess, my goddess, my love. The one I had waited for all along. A promise fulfilled of companionship and trust. Of laughter and joy, quiet evenings, early sun. Of walks by the moonlight, shared dreams in one bed. Of popcorn and movies, both funny and sad. Of years that went by, oh ever so fast. Of conversations I so wished, would eternally last. Of endless bouquets all fragrances amassed, followed by letters our spirits unmasked. Once childhood neighbors, as sweethearts recast. Silent stares spoke more than all words ever said. Hands held so tight, our souls coalesced. Her embrace so comforting, I felt broken alone… She was my planet, my country, my home. No sacrifice too great, no pain too strong. For her I abandoned all the glory of Rome. A man without his woman has no place to call home.

Her first lesson a kiss, the last one a goodbye. Against money and power, I could not muster a fight. Only my heart was on offer… but it was not to suffice. I so desperately wondered, why ask more out of life? All the world’s riches are ephemeral at best. But a love that is true, is meant forever to last. But dissenting a view, this seems to be. The majority opinion is a mystery to me. The value of gold… I cannot understand. Having tasted of life, true love is success. A golden heart locket, once given in vain, taught me no true love could it ever contain. This divine universal language of man, is spoken in words, not measured in grams. It is written in lines, only the heart understands.

Now my garden lies bare, beauty no longer abounds. Where angels once sang, there is silence around. But the solitude of years, has not brought me down. It has only made me stronger, resolute and proud. That despite all the sorrow, I still do believe, in the redeeming power, of a love yet to be. Promises once broken, shall not vanquish me. My vows are unbroken, my faith is complete. Bitterness did follow, but hope set me free. There can be no destruction, for those who believe. In a love everlasting, one day to be.

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