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  • Andre Lamartin

No Silence So Loud

The loss of a mother, what can account, for an absence so great, a silence so loud... The meaning of love, I learned as a child. She taught me to stand, as I fell to the ground. Before I could run, I had to crawl. She guided my steps, supported my fall. She taught me to speak, when I had no voice. She gave me freewill, she gave me a choice. When I could not eat, she fed me herself. Much more than sweets, my own sense of self. Of darkness and light, a difference to tell. This lesson I learned, from her as well. The first book I read, she was right by my side. Only compliments made, she never did chide. Trips to the bookstore, adventures to last, a lifetime of memories, longing for the past. For my education no sacrifice was too vast. A legacy so destined, a lifetime to last. In times of sickness, medicine did help, but the only real cure, came from herself. In times of trouble, always by my side. No problem unscathed, by sage words of advice. In her placid marriage, only companionship and trust, a loving example that follow I must. Her faith no white rosary could ever contain. She helped the sick, the poor, all those in pain. A teacher, a friend, a bringer of life. A geologist, a doctor, the perfect wife. So many were the roles, I dare not describe. So failed have I, for try as I might, a mother’s full glory, in words can’t reside. As an author of life, in all of its lines, all mothers are sacred, all mothers divine. Though pride is a sin, of her I am proud. No absence so great, No Silence So Loud.

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