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  • Andre Lamartin

Olympus Has Fallen

When decline and fall are the themes of the play, the leading characters all, must be made out of clay. In a time of trouble when divisions arise, only weakness leads, only blindness guides. Lies and deceit are the language of truth, facts are enslaved, special interests rule. Allies are foes and foes are friends, ignorance is bliss, arrogance grand. Walls are built where bridges should stand, hatred is fueled, violence fanned. The people are free to arm themselves, believing in heaven, preparing for hell. Greed is the universal religion of man, inequality created by the invisible hand. A right to life only for the unborn, while medical care is a reason for scorn. Coal fumes the air children should breathe, global warming a scare, a green future a dream. An abrasive diplomacy having no rhyme, treating neighbors as strangers, offensive all times. Policy decisions at the speed of light, always for cheers and personal delight. Spare me of your weak, your tired, your huddled masses. Liberty is not free nor entirely classless. In an age of darkness where right is wrong, light seems vanquished, but not for long.

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