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  • Andre Lamartin


If the genetic legacy bequeathed by our ancestors also contained their memories, we most likely would not repeat their mistakes. A memory is more than the semblance of a moment lost in time; it is the most valuable legacy of our past lives. This encapsulated rendition of the past not only explains the present, but also helps predict the future. Memories are the building blocks of our personal identities and the fabric of our relationships. Without memories we lose our sense of self, our place in the world, our sense of direction, our bonds of affection.

Like human beings, memories also have lifespans. They are born, age and pass away, some before others. Committing them to paper is one way to immortalize these historians of our lives, not only for our personal edification, but also for the benefit of future generations. Whether the wisdom of past experiences can truly be transferred, depends on the sincerity of the writer, the sensitivity of the reader and the humility of both. The requisite humility to understand that no human life is ordinary when filled with extraordinary memories. Memories of love, loss and hope. All heartfelt in nature, all universal in scope.

In a world where almost everything is priced, tagged and sold, the equal dignity of human life should be a value beyond reproach. Disparities in power, money and influence may dictate one’s standing before the eyes of the world. But every human being has a beating heart, a conscious mind, a universal soul. Memories not to be valued in diamonds, exchanged for pearls or measured in gold. Tales of lives once lived, all destined one day to be told, if not preemptively silenced, by the coldness of this world. But if writing seems difficult, understanding is no small task.

Though living in circles and thinking in lines, the book of life is unbound by the linear chains of time. There is no specific order in which each chapter must be read. Such is the nonlinear organization of the memories stored deep inside our heads. The linear progression of time dictates the brevity of human life, but the longevity of memories sprouts from the intensity of human emotion. A transcendental force that defies the chronological strictures of time, giving meaning to this miracle we so simply life.

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