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  • Andre Lamartin

A Rhyme for the Nonconformist

When the world says something is wrong, but you feel in your core it is right, do you blindly follow along or do you take the lead in your life? They tell me if I give to the poor they will simply keep asking for more, but if you felt hungry yourself, your pain would be mine as well. They tell me to work while I'm young, never question all I see wrong, so spending my days in the sun is what lies at the end of my run. They tell me to market myself, to learn how to properly sell, but buying my own sense of self is a customized version of hell. They tell me to vote with my heart, never mind what the facts have to say, but if the truth is not cast for a part, politics is a meaningless play. They tell me to abandon the search... for answers that only betray, ignoring the Holy Church, and those kneeling only to pray. They tell me to conform while I can, to accept all I can´t change, it is all part of the plan, it is all One Big Exchange. The freedom to live in a cage, the comfort only money can buy, the power fueled by rage, my truth exchanged for their lies.

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