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  • Andre Lamartin

All My Heart Can See

All My Heart Can See

A new life devoid of lies

The truth before my eyes

No need or place to hide

True love my only bride

Valued not for what I own

Only loved for who I am

No longer being alone

No longer feeling damned

Sharing words bearing all

Tears and joys of the day

Facing fears standing tall

Living life while turning grey

Asking only for her love

Offering all I have in me

Being guided by above

Living life as one set free

A warm place by her side

Is all long days would need

Taking problems all in stride

Living life unbound by greed

If children were to come

So blessed we would be

For they would be the sum

Of all my eyes could see

This dream will never die

For all I dream is she

The truth to end all lies

All my heart can see

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