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  • Andre Lamartin

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum !

Never postpone the truth, never save it for later! The future is uncertain, the present a traitor. As I charter my course to a new destination, I shall strive to achieve my own liberation. The mistakes of the past must all be undone. So the battle is fought until it is won. I refuse to accept what Time has to say, to fight for the future is to live for today. And so fearsome Enemy master of all: this fearless warrior refuses to fall! The lines have been drawn and the battle is here. We shall meet at dawn in the valley of tears. You may ravage my face, you may pummel my mind, the weight of your mace is mightier than mine, but the wisdom of grace shall repay you in kind. Though you may control what remains of the day, life is the voice that grants me a say. I refuse to accept that the past must remain, for life in the present is still my domain. So regardless of all you have to say, I fight for the future by fighting today!

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