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  • Andre Lamartin

The Reign of Love

The world is full of cynics; believers the world has few. But all that can be questioned can be also proven true. Why can we not imagine a world where all is true? A world devoid of lies, where deception does not rule? A world of bright blue skies, where love is taught in schools. The language of the wise, but unspoken by the cruel. A world where all is seen and justice is never blind. The iniquities of evil men all revealed before our eyes. Compassion being the bond that unites every man. The weak held by the strong, the way it all began. The religion of greed finally exposed for what it is, a slavery of the soul that commands our every need. It binds our flesh and bones and forces us to accept, a human nature made of stone, so cold it all rejects. Mindless competition being a problem of yesterday, mutual cooperation the final answer of this day. Brother helping brother, every sister lending a hand. The war of all against all finally coming to an end. Having time to serve true needs, and not imprisoned serving time. All lives filled with meaning, having reason, having rhyme. The inequalities of the present would all cease to be. No man described in colors that only eyes can ever see. No woman treated unfairly, but as equal partners in daily life. Femininity no longer sacrificed at the altar of equal might. No poverty or famine for all our children would be fed, the only price to pay would be a world of blind excess. Peace that reigns at home, and Peace that reigns abroad, in accordance with the sacred tome, all hatred would be outlawed. Peace requires only the understanding of different hearts, a divine humility commanding us to properly play our parts. The day will soon arrive when Love will reign supreme. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the Truth not just a dream.

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