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  • Andre Lamartin

Still Life

Not to remember… what love once felt like… is to live every moment… ignoring what life really feels like. It is being blinded by a present that keeps you awake, unable to dream of a brand new day. Feeling that tomorrow will be just like today, an emptiness that stalks you both night and day. Always imprisoned wherever you go, by walls of silence that suffocate your soul. Being on the move but not knowing where to go, for your sense of direction no longer has a goal. Scents once so inviting no longer call your name. Social gatherings once exciting no longer feel the same. Smiling at other people but only so in vain, no true emotion overcomes the pain. Wasting words in conversations never meant to last, the hope for true companionship a distant memory of the past. The beauty of the world unseen before your eyes, the only true splendor was the on carried inside. Music fills the air while emptying your heart, the melody you long to hear no longer plays a part. Life goes on around you, but inside you life stands still. A still life devoid of love... is one devoid of will.

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