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  • Andre Lamartin

A Dream for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I shall leave behind all sorrow. Your absence in my life has left me bound and hollow. A lifetime I have waited just to hold you near, and if necessary I shall wait another thousand years. You are the only friend who truly understands me. Your words mold every end into a new beginning. Even from afar you are always near, for we share one true soul unbound by fear. My everlasting trust in you is complete. No other lust could against your love compete. But rest assured the same is true. My heart beats only to live for you. Our conversations are trips to space, the weightlessness of your words always floats with grace. Never shall I forget what I learn from you. Wherever I may go speaks not one, but two. Whenever I see the world through your eyes, I find what is missing from my life. So Love of mine please do understand, you are the strength that helps me stand. So many others take for granted what they have, not knowing what I would give to meet my better half. But every dream must one day come true. So long the dreamer remains alive, his love is true.

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