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  • Andre Lamartin

The Duel of Human Discourse

It is important to listen before using your voice; save all ammunition to defend your choice. In peaceful democratic discourse, just as in life, arrogance is never a virtue, only a vice. It increases your stature before your eyes, leading fools astray, never the wise. It conceals weaknesses you desperately wish to hide, while ignoring problems unaddressed by pride. Fooling those around you is not fooling yourself, their truth is your lies, your conscience can tell. The undoing of the arrogant man is to fall on his sword, pierced by his own lies so willfully ignored. Allowing another´s arrogance to take center stage, is not a sign of weakness, but a deflection of rage. Meekness provides time to amass an attack, overpowering all arguments for the merits they lack. This meekness has a name, humility it is called. It may not lead to fame, but brings down the proud. Humility is patience, clarity of vision, and peace of mind. Not laconic reticence, fearful indecision or anguish confined. Humility is the sight guiding the strong, a light parrying lies, vanquishing all wrongs. It builds inner strength where weakness was found, by acknowledging mistakes and hearing their sound. Humility overcomes arrogance by weathering a storm, as alternative facts are forced by the truth to conform. Love conquers hatred, as the meek prove too strong. The greatest victory in discourse has always the same plan, humility charts the course, the Truth crowns the man.

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