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  • Andre Lamartin

Pledge of the Unknown Soldier

Patriots are willing to die fighting so that their countrymen can live in peace. No words can repay them for their sacrifice. No medals can acknowledge their deeds. The respect they deserve is the tranquility they seek: knowing they were only called to serve after all reasonable words could no longer keep the peace. The pledge of allegiance an entire lifetime lasts, however long or short it may be. The ultimate calling of a soldier is to place his country before his needs. To fight against oppression, but never compromise his democratic creed. To protect his people in times of war, to ensure they always remain free. A patriot must be willing to die for freedom in order to truly live free. Never cry for a soldier, never cry for me.

In honor of the unknown soldiers who died fighting totalitarianism, an enemy vanquished, but not slain.

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