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  • Andre Lamartin

The Chinese Way of Life

Eyes censured in what they can read, lips silenced in what they can say, hands bound in what they can write: this is the Xi Jinping thought of the day. Freedom a disease destined to bleed, only cured with a long prison stay. A Nobel Peace Prize is always a blight, his recipient surely was led astray. He dared to believe in human rights, a Western lie culturally based. He dared to question the only creed, he dared to dream of a brand new day. But the Great Firewall built to great heights, shields the country from a world debased. All a citizen ever needs is all shops offer on display. The Great Leap Forward never set us back, the Cultural Revolution no victims made. This is what the Great Leader said: meaningless sacrifices have to be paid. Tienanmen was built as a public square, where all citizens could peacefully amass, not as a place to share ideas that only lead to civil unrest. For decades we have exported goods, ravenously consumed by the West. Now as they wander through the woods, we should export our values at last. Never again shall we endure the humiliations of a century past. The time has now come for us to secure, a global empire built to last.

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