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  • Andre Lamartin

A Death Unredeemed

Souls transcend color, so Brothers unite! Differences seen are blinded by light. Centuries of chains still bind men of might, codified in genes defying the passage of time. When discrimination is the inheritance passed from father to son, the law remains blind to the harm it has done. There can be no democracy until all voices are heard; social justice once promised must not be deferred. When no sanctuary is found within the sanctity of a church, religion becomes a crime for those oppressed still from birth. A just world is unborn by electing a minority as President; justice arrives only when so doing is irrelevant. Crime still remains the profession of choice, or an imposition of fate, depending on the color of your voice. Serving time in prison, imprisoned outside by time, when will a free citizen have arisen, unblemished by the original crime? So much has changed, but so much remains the same, the worst form of injustice is silenced pain. To feel like a stranger in your own homeland is to live always in danger in a no man's land. Unable to walk in certain places, unable to drive at certain times, a confluence of races being the highest of crimes, for fear of being labelled a criminal in flight, for fear of being read your short list of rights. I care for my brother for I care for myself, his oppression today can be mine as well. Slavery is traced to a spec of DNA, determining the color of one's skin; genetic discrimination will on its entirety be based, so the House can always win. Differences unseen will tomorrow be created, manipulating genes for prices so often inflated, only for those always having the means to defy the most democratic of dreams. As longevity is increased for those who can pay, the poor will traverse the most troubled of waters, for what social justice can they ever pray, if always serving the same sons and daughters? When social inequality is codified into our genes, meritocratic ascendancy lives on as a lie, an undemocratic society remains forever unclean, if genetic social stratification never dies. What can ever be said of a man always looking down upon another, if being part of a genetic clan means caring only for his brother? As financial capital infuses our genes, petrified elites never grow old, social inequalities never so extreme find in genetic segregation the usual stronghold. Though this future dystopia now seems implausible at best, genocide remains a modern historical stain, as genetic hatred was never laid to rest, universal human rights have yet to reign. By destroying the significance of the soul, favoring what only eyes can ever see, the human being can be devoured whole, as no man is entirely free. Standing always in defiance of what should never be sold: unbridled is the science that becomes our death foretold. The Spirit still remains the great universal equalizer, unbound by earthly chains, of all sages the best adviser. Even when the truth seems to bear a heavy load, what is morally upright one should always uphold. Hope should never die, as those who once lived in it defense, the pursuit of happiness is not a lie for those embracing common sense. Long has been the torturous road... as many centuries have passed us by, leading to a dreamland we have yet to behold, where equality before the law will finally apply. The struggle for human rights still has a long way to go, as the marches of the past have not reached their destination, but scientific development should never be allowed to slow... the creation of truly United Nations. It's now time to settle a score based on a freedom we can all agree because a man is so much more than his genetic code can ever be. The many lessons of the past that accompany us still can only forever last so a democratic destiny is fulfilled. Indomitable is the man, who once spoke of a dream, his vision still stands, his death is unredeemed.

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