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  • Andre Lamartin


If the only light shining upon you comes from the sun, may I please introduce you to the Father and the Son. They are bound to arrive at the end of the Night, when a new Day is born never so bright. For a Lion has triumphed and opened the Seals: the Book of Life is now finally fulfilled. The trumpets have sounded and destruction unleashed. A world in turmoil once ruled by the Beast, will be held to account by the Highest of Priests. So mark my words Satan, for we have waged war before: this final call to battle you cannot ignore! You call yourself god, but I shall fight for my own. My eyes have seen beyond what you call the unknown. Nothing like death puts all questions to rest. Nothing like death brings a brave soldier home. What ends in darkness, recommences in light, transient is the moment, eternal is life. St. Michael from Heaven will lead the charge, so prepare yourself demons: Angels will a duty discharge. A rebellion that erupted in the beginning of time, will be vanquished and punished as a capital crime. Celestial justice is long overdue, so the day of reckoning will come upon you. Crimes unpunished by trials never convened, will be judged by the One who the righteous redeems. The poor and the meek at the end of the line, will be the first Elect to Heaven consigned. But the wicked and cruel who killed, raped and lied, will be eternally accountable for sins they can’t hide. The King of Kings was tortured, mocked, and crucified, only to return and be finally glorified, judging the wicked and marrying his bride. He was present at the beginning and will be present at the end. He wields the sword of justice that all innocence defends. Babylon the Great Harlot for all her transgressions, shall be torn asunder without negotiations nor concessions. The end of darkness is the beginning of light, as the righteous are redeemed in eternal life. So remember my brother, no matter your plight, honor your mother, your father, your life! Honor your true God who in Heaven resides, who sees every wrong and can turn any tide. Never lose hope when injustices strike, this is the mark of the Enemy’s bite. All that he utterly disdains and dislikes is the faith of a soldier who serves only light. In this world of war where faith is a blight, live always for peace, retaining your wings while remaining a knight!

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