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  • Andre Lamartin

Great Firewall of Silence

When silence is sold at a price, free speech has no value, and neither does life. Being able to stand for what you believe, freely voicing your concerns in written form or speech, is one of the greatest democratic rights a citizen needs, in defense of the liberty past generations bequeathed. Your voice is the amplification of yourself, the sound of your values and your ideas as well. No democratic citizen can be a prisoner of silence, a muted spectator of unaccountable blind guidance. He has a duty to voice his opinion in defiance, opposing views professed by would be tyrants. For the bounds of free speech are redefined every new generation, as technology evolves bringing together every nation. But when unity means a single party speaking with only one voice, what becomes of those unable to join this army, must they also be deprived of any choice? While totalitarianism never entirely vanquished remains alive and well across the globe, a democratic citizen must never in silence languish, many are the pressing questions he must probe. Today Great Firewalls of Silence have been erected, and digital battle lines drawn. While private personal data is collected, any protection awarded to individual privacy is gone. Free thinkers are persecuted and arrested, simply for feeling they no longer belong. Others have been simply executed: free speech being the mark of those deemed headstrong. These words against tyrants stand united, in open defiance of this totalitarian new dawn. Tyrants were never democratically invited to openly disregard freedoms never withdrawn. Democratic words should never in prison be silenced: they must breathe the fresh air of a new hope, nor should they be subjected to totalitarian violence, no democratic citizen should with torture cope. Free speech must never perish, nor be silenced by totalitarian foes; it shall forever be cherished as the freedom we chose!

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