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  • Andre Lamartin

The Eternal Symmetry of Timeless Words

Sincere words never age. They create chains in time, binding the past to the present, giving meaning to life. Their significance remains true and untouched by the elemental forces of time. These chains of meaning forged across the passage of days form the bonds of love that comprise life. This verity explains the centrality of dialogue in every human relationship, but especially those bound by true love. Though physical attraction is of paramount importance, it is based solely on the shapes, lines and silhouettes of bodies, always subject to the unforgiving forces of time.

True beauty is found in the perfect symmetry of words and actions that, more than delineate the contours and silhouette of souls, reveal the very essence of the human spirit. While bodies are interlocked in a sexual embrace; souls are interwoven in the spoken and written language of love, always intimate and sincere, untrammeled by the obstacles of life, untouched by the vagaries of time. This is all I never had, but still long to find, in a lifelong partner, in my future wife.

Some say I am a dreamer who failed to learn the most basic lessons of life. Who idealizes love, searching for a nonexistent perfection in a world ruled only by strife. Where love stories rarely have happy endings, where aging is a universal plight, where words bear little meaning, and betrayal is a common daily sight. A world where marriage vows are taken without the necessary foresight, by couples living only for the moment, allowing fate to decide, whether they have a common future, whether by their vows to abide.

An unforgiving world where might always means right, and moneys speaks louder than any word has the right. A world where all is sold and even the most sincere words have their price. A world where a devotion to love is seen as a vice, rendering weak those once deemed so strong, in a past distant life. A world that wants to force every dreamer to kneel, feeling utterly contrite, for committing the capital sin of believing that only love gives true meaning to life.

But if you say I am a dreamer, I am not the only one. The message of Lennon is also found in sincere words, and love songs. There is a world beyond the realm of what is seen that ascribes meaning to this one. To believe in love is not a dream, but a calling answered by the son, who believes in the message of his Father, and stays on the road he is on, for there is a long race ahead, which still remains to be won. One who lags far behind in the wrong race, may be victorious at last, for the prize he seeks is awarded not to the first, but to the best. One who believes in the eternal symmetry of timeless words, whose sincerity always last. The true meaning of love is understood only… by those who truly dare to ask.

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