A Dream of Freedom from a Prison of Words

November 10, 2017

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Only experience writes poetry today, recalling a life boldly lived yesterday. When songs of sorrow and words of joy, filled the silence left by tomorrow´s void. Dreams of a future bound never to arrive, hopes of a love whose embers burn alive. Words written only to find a welcoming home, in the heart of a woman never a tome. When should a poet ever bury the past, when the present seems forever to last? Can any words ever set his soul free, imprisoned in a poem he can no longer flee? A yesterday never taking its leave, a tomorrow he can no longer conceive, a present arriving only to stay, a Love even Time lacks the courage to slay… But no prison of words forever restrains, a man from his life taking over the reins. No dream of freedom is forever delayed, when Love remains eternally unafraid! A heart sewn by the stitches of the past, must face questions never before asked. Traveling down new roads that only belong, to the brave, pious, innocent and strong. Looking at life not from the confines of gates, built by memories of betrayal binding fates. Breathing the fresh air of a new hope, admiring a silhouette as yet undisclosed, concealed by a future only released, by laying to rest memories already deceased. From a prison of words built with memories past, a poet escapes when Love all outlasts. A peaceful tomorrow finally arrives, when his beliefs are the sum of his life.........................................................................................


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