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  • Andre Lamartin

The Siren of Time

Since life is a delicious buffet of the senses, satisfy your appetites at any expenses! Short are the days and nights filled with song, the questions of life only suffering prolong... The greatest lie of all: believing only one Truth can be found, for the endless questions of now, countless answers abound. Abide by your conscience and no other ruler, there is no greater power deciding your future! The only true sin is not forgiving yourself: the tragedy of life is creating your Hell. The embrace of desire is a gentle caress, a hunger of the flesh you need not confess. Only one certainty can ever be had, live for the Present not for the dead! Always enjoy what remains of your day, a capricious tomorrow may not come your way! Why seek eternal answers when none can be found, forsaking a Present that should always be crowned? Now is the Time to stake your claim, ascribing true meaning to your given name! Human is the nature living for the sum of the senses, to the contrition of abstinent silence, there are no defenses! How can you live in constant regret, always in fear of false future threats, accepting the imposition of undue debts? Your reach has no limit, your dreams have no bounds, Life's colors are vivid when the Present is crowned! Create your own Heaven right here and right now, standing upright, a Man never bows! Why believe in an invisible god, when you can be One at home and abroad?

But the Siren of Time never asks a question, that cannot be answered by divine intercession! The greatest lie of all: believing the Truth can never be found. For the endless questions of now, eternal divine answers abound.The Siren of Time wants to seduce all men, giving voice to the Present in every plan. For his actions a man never stands in silence, answering before the King overruling all tyrants! For those who usurp the Heavenly Throne, rendering decisions always alone, showing no remorse forgiveness or repentance, sealed are their fates by heavenly sentence! Swift is the judgment of the Heavenly Creator, no divine authority recognized as greater! It is best always to speak the Truth before men, then answer for lies, when there is no time for lament. The divine scales of justice offer redemption, but no mercy is shown to the seduced unrepentant, living only for the ephemeral pleasures of the present, sacrificing a future ascent to a Heaven so clement. Since transient transgressions are punished as eternal crimes, only the reckless forsake eternal life, answering the call of the Siren of Time…

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