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  • Andre Lamartin

Its Time… is not yours to spare.

Andre my dear,

Lest you decide to waste another year, the facts of life should be made clear. How can you be alive in Christ by being dead to the world? Even your salvation is priced, a cost unpaid in the dreamworld. So pay attention to what I say, you better learn how to care, this could be your final day: you don't have the time to spare! Why worry about others, when nobody worries about yourself? In this unforgiving social order, it is every man for himself! A life of competition leaves no time for altruism, as personal ambition feasts on social darwinism.While others defend their interests, you consider the social good, their indiferrence should always tell you the true fallacy of brotherhood. Be your own lawyer, and defend your own self, satisfy your employer or employ your own self! You raise your voice for others, thinking that justice must be served, but strangers are not your brothers, such treatment is entirely undeserved. No voice will ever speak for you when your time of need arrives. The friends you once knew are only concerned about their lives. Society is not an united army of regimented troops, always place yourself ahead of so-called social groups. When you hear about the pain and suffering on distant foreign lands, just be grateful you are not the one on the receiving end. You owe these people nothing. They can make on you no demands! Stop being so trusting that true love all commands! To bridge the distance separating a man from his dreams, he must be willing to reach all requisite extremes. Only when rational self-interest guides a man along his way, does he become a victorious player and not someone else's defenseless prey, the greatest failure in life is to your own self-interest betray. A good samaritan who helps others but not himself, creates a public heaven at the expense of a private hell. Only the arrogant believe that what they give is what they receive; but they outlive their generosity only to find out reciprocity rarely hears pleas in moments of doubt. So much have you yet to learn that only the world can ever teach, but you must earn the right to live by what I preach. The first lesson from conception is to viciously compete; only self-deception makes any room for the gentle and the meek. A man can only stand up if he can close a deal; if you cannot be a grownup you better learn how to kneel! The most important rules in life are never taught in schools, they are learned in competition, and applied by one's ambition! If you believe that what you own bears no relevance to who you are, you have much yet to atone if you plan on going far. While the rich truly live, the poor merely survive, if your self-interest never gives, you can choose to be alive. A man wastes his talents by choosing to pretend, there is a higher order he must personally defend. This unforgiving social order is based on personal greed, every man fending for himself to satisfy his every need. All you ever longed for has an earthly price, fighting for your dreams can never be a vice! Money follows talent always timely applied, the selflessly gallant only to themselves have ever lied. People will always judge you solely based on what they see, you are what you acquire, only money sets you free! No one calls you a liar if you can answer every plea, satisfying their hearts' desire, fulfilling every need. There is no guilt in being talented, there is no shame in having more, every gem is multifaceted, not every bird is meant to soar! Always strive to win first place, the fastest runner wins the race. So pickup the pace, don't lend a hand, there is no saving grace unless doing as planned! These are words of caution ignored at your expense, wasting time always proves to be the greatest criminal offense. A man living for empty dreams awakens in a nightmare that all ensnares and nothing redeems. So always keep your eyes on the prize! This world for you will never care, until you finally realize: Its Time… is not yours to spare.

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