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  • Andre Lamartin

A Heart Blind to Numbers

We monetize paintings; we monetize art. We monetize people; we monetize life. What becomes of a human being with a monetized heart? At what point does ascribing numbers tear our souls apart? These are priceless questions already answered in my time: what matters most in life cannot be valued by our eyes. A monetized heart sees only a world of numbers, where low-priced souls sleep eternally encumbered. To stand against the value by society ascribed, an individual must refuse to a minor role be circumscribed. There is much more to life than our senses can fully grasp, the invisible must be experienced before taking our final gasp. All that matters most cannot be sold through our senses; it can only be acquired by a heart blind to expenses. Following the timeless words long written down, the rich man who all sees is finally dressed as a clown. But the wise man who died a pauper is a man of great renown, having lived by the only Truth ever deserving of a crown. Life only starts when True Love one dispenses, the best there is in you only your heart ever condenses. Memories of Love can never have a price, for they ascribe meaning to this wonder we call life, this is the lesson of my Lord Jesus Christ. Though we have not spoken in a very long while, he remains the reason Mona Lisa dares to smile. Seeing beyond the horizon of superficial appearances, True Love has to numbers absolutely no adherence. A heart blind to numbers awakens the soul from its slumber, rising with eternal brothers to witness life's true vibrant colors, sumoning eternal sisters with silent angelic whispers, describing from above the divine meaning of True Love.

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