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  • Andre Lamartin

The Sword of Divine Justice

Be careful where you place your hope, for hope never stands, when supported below by ever shifting sands. Every man needs a rock to bear his own weight; standing on sand is tempting fate. Only God ever provides a solid resting place, where everlasting hope meets everlasting grace. When feeling abandoned by all those around you, remember your Father remains always beside you. Though God may to your eyes occasionally remain unseen, his presence remains alive in your hopes and in your dreams. The eternal promise of a welcoming future, amid so many questions still unanswered, should be the only guiding ruler, measuring the true distance to your answers. As this unforgiving world mercilessly tries to silence you, remember your voice is always heard, by the Angels assigned to guard you. Archangel Michael is their legendary leader, always humble in character invincible in disposition, a warrior healer whose heavenly mission is vanquishing darkness, answering pleas of contrition.So when battling injustice, remember you are never alone, God above all surveys the world from his Heavenly Throne. No heart remains unread, no motive remains concealed, every word ever said before divine justice always yields. The unredeemed victims of today, all raped, tortured and killed, whose names remain effaced from a history as yet unfulfilled, will never be forgotten by the King of Kings, who the sword of divine justice wields. The powerful of today, voraciously enjoying the riches of the world, rarely bow down to pray, their conscience all condones. For them there is no right or wrong, but simply desires to be served, a waiting not to be prolonged for pleasures seemingly deserved. An evil man rarely recognizes himself as such, blind to divine moral values that his heart never touch. For rulers engulfed in eternal night, every human right bows before their tyrannical might, enshrouded in a moral turpitude devoid of any redeeming light. Facing such injustices is no small task, when silence is the only voice greeting questions asked. Despair leads a man to question all he has, cursing the divine for all he sorely lacks, but disbelief must not be his tragic final act, God´s eternal vigilance is anything but lax. For others not besieged by questions, because their carnal desires have been fulfilled, faith remains only for the weak a bastion, while they reject the reasons why the King of Kings was killed. Only when tragedy strikes and their pleas for justice go unheard, would they reconsider all they once disliked, finally turning to the Word. When contrition is sincere, God´s forgiveness knows no bounds, allaying every fear, silencing every sound. But all the iniquities of evil men that in this world go untried, will be revisited again when every crime is finally tried. The justice of this world, bought and paid for with gold, allows the weak to be massacred, guaranteeing their stories remain untold. Though we must battle the principalities of air, when justice in this world remains elusive, remember God remains forever fair, justice is only temporarily illusive. When God finally speaks to you, he extracts the truth from inside, no evil act remains concealed, no evil motive forever hides. The Book of Life is opened and every page is carefully read, every single moment is revealed, every doubt quelled at last. The promise of divine judgement is not an empty dream; it is the certainty of perfect justice that all righteousness redeems. While a man may be defeated, fighting for justice in his time, before God´s divine eternal justice there is no unpunished crime. When fighting injustice, should you encounter obstacles along your way, remember God always rescues, the wronged who justly pray. The sword of divine justice that all evil slays, shall be unsheathed tomorrow, if not today.

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