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  • Andre Lamartin

The Measure of a Human Being

A human being is the sum of his moral choices, a measure of the strength of his faith and character. Though in life he may speak with many voices, of his words and actions he remains the inheritor. The consequences of his decisions are borne by those affected, but they also belong to the vision those results selected. Nor the towering heights of his accomplishment, nor the abyssal depths of his blunder, are solely deserving of acknowledgement: all life not ascribed to one mistake or wonder. The full measure of a life taken only after its final moment, when subject to eternal condolence or atonement. A panoramic view of all paths chosen determines whether the Truth was spoken. He is judged by how he treated others, did he love his brother as himself? Did he honor his father and mother, by how he carried himself? Did he acknowledge his Divine Creator, believing in One greater than himself? All the questions of life answered upon reaching the final bell, when measured against a divine standard, one finds an eternal home to dwell.

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