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  • Andre Lamartin

Never Die Just for Today

Never treat today with disdain, for tomorrow no certainty brings. Never ignore the lessons yesterday retains, so the present is given wings. No pain is experienced in vain when wisdom crowns the King, valiantly overruling fate, sprinting through the strait and narrow gate, breathing life into dreams, only a carefully planned tomorrow ever brings. For the pain today never cared to explain, only tomorrow can answers bring. When of the present one is mortally scared, life from future´s fountain no longer springs. So face this morning with bravery, despite the scars of a night deceased, while the sun is bound in slavery, from the chains of fate you are released. Read the pages of yesterday with ever-present zeal; the lessons of a bleeding past can today always heal. The path that lies ahead is not the same traveled before, if the mistakes of the past you wisely decide not to ignore. While being mindful of yesterday, craft your future boldly today, contemplating tomorrow never led anyone astray. When the troubles of life tragically come your way, remember you are not the sum of all the problems reigning today. Your loved ones remain always by your side, if not in presence from memory they will never hide. Your Father in Heaven remains an ever-shining light, offering you directions to guide you through the seemingly endless night. Never lose hope in the future, never succumb before today, when the world deems you a loser, remember victory is yours another day. For maturity life charges a price only in experience paid, but not living long enough to afford it is for maturity the highest trade, no other higher price could ever be paid. Live for the future if not the present, never die just for today.

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