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  • Andre Lamartin

The Greatest Tyranny in a Democracy

Ignorance is the greatest tyranny in a democracy. When the people are given a voice, education should always loudly speak, only then will the people really have a choice, only then will the vote really empower the weak. The freedom to choose implies an enormous responsibility: an individual choice misguided by ignorance generates a social liability. The people cannot freely choose if they are blind to their own interests. By winning they only stand to lose, when their choice is undermined by ignorance. Democratic freedom is the choice for true political representation of one´s most deeply held views, amplified to guide a nation. When the people are given a perfunctory choice, but only ignorance screams, it is pointless having a voice, if all options are equally bleak. Simply casting a vote never ascribed legitimacy to a democracy. Rote decisions devoid of true meaning only elect hypocrisy. Election results representing the heartbeat of an electorate, but not its rational mind, deprive the political constituency of true citizenship, rendering policymaking blind. Such a form of government may be described in many ways, but calling it a representative democracy must be reserved to an undisclosed future day. The greatest system of checks and balances is an educated electorate, ensuring that political leaders remain to true democratic ideals always reverent. For as long as higher education remains a privilege only to a few reserved, a nation´s best interests will never be democratically served. Funds abound to create this noble social order, of global GDP America alone accounts for a quarter. If other objectives are currently stressed, the priorities of a nation must be periodically reassessed, so the best interests of its citizens are truly addressed.Unless a nation is based on true democratic meritocracy, delusional remains the concept of representative democracy. The birthplace of the modern republic must a democratic example set, lest tyranny at home and abroad it shamefully abet. Only when high-quality universal education is an unalienable right to all citizens guaranteed, will true democratic representation finally be achieved. The Truth should be self-evident for all to see: all citizens deserve the right to truly live free.

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