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  • Andre Lamartin

On Duplicity

In a world that worships deception aimed at personal gain, speaking the truth seems an act of self-harm done only in vain. Your words can become daggers plunged deep on your back, a reason for scorn and future regret. Lies seem so comforting for they can conceal… weaknesses and insecurities having no public appeal. But when your words are untrue, they also imprison yourself, in a fictional world acquiring a life of itself. Upon becoming an actor in real life, one abandons his true ideals, embracing a fictional life in a world so unreal. When duplicity becomes the fashion style of the day, better to be naked than a character in a play. Naked we all are before our celestial Creator, the truth untold today is only saved for later. This is as true of a child as of an adult, though it may seem easier to beguile if the truth is an insult. Lies that outlive one's youth turn adult life into a tragic play, there is always more to a hard truth than easy lies can ever say. Though speaking the truth sometimes reveals, vulnerabilities we wish to conceal, if everyone did just the same, all of us would stand to gain, the cross borne by one is borne by all just the same. While arrogance sneers at what it fails to understand, humility always kneels lending a merciful hand. Sharing your plight is sharing your pain. Speaking the truth is never in vain, when God above all always reigns. The language of Heaven is always true, so ascension is granted to the Elect few, who speak the truth even before the most prying eyes, though silence is not deceit if omission is not a lie. So if a reason is needed to disclose, the struggles offering you no repose, always remember the following sooth: only in deceit does evil make its nest, the greatest release is speaking the truth, be it in this world or in the next, lies that deceive others also imprison you.

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