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  • Andre Lamartin

On Tyrants & Theodicy

A man who wants to rule the world cannot rule himself: arrogance never set limits to a megalomaniacal self. So heed an admonishment that safeguards tranquility: temporal power is inversely proportional to humility, a verity to consider before accepting great responsibility. For the unbridled lust for power consumes all on its way; every principle does boundless arrogance blindly sway. The sole judge a tyrant respects is his own mirror reflection, the sole arbiter of his actions impervious to correction. He passes for a respectable member of society, hiding behind a name that all conceals, but inwardly he is a monster of unspeakable notoriety, to all victims his true self is revealed. Lives are destroyed as if no victims he made, there is no wrong choice when every price is paid. The pseudo predatory omnipotence of a self-absorbed man, silences his victims into accepting his plan, innocent victims led to believe no redemptive justice can they ever seek. The meek forced to bow before what the mighty say, lest retaliatory punishment be met the following day. The tyrant lives in a world of his own creation, where personal desires guide a nation, lies always enslaving the truth, so powerful vested interests may always rule. Surveying all his dominion, boundless arrogance unbinds his vision, coercing public opinion into supporting his every decision, driven by emotion regardless of any moral provision. Setting his own home ablaze in a furious fire of vanity disgraced, earning him the undying praise of the very same victims killed in the blaze. When remorse fails to bring the tyrant down on his knees, it is amazing how deceptive his smile can be. Does the tyrant fool the world or fool himself, by ignoring the Truth God knows so well? Does he not keep a record of rights and wrongs, of what is morally reprehensible to lust for and long? The greatest mistake a tyrant can make is believing his arrogance can all overtake.

When the moment arrives when all is revealed, no false contrition can his crimes ever conceal. All innocent victims of yesterday tomorrow and today will be called to the stand on Judgment Day. All tales of woe finally told, Divine Justice never wears a blindfold. When remorse fails to bring a man down on his knees, only eternal silence answers his pleas. The destruction one serves is the destruction one meets, no wolves are allowed amongst the sheep. The hunters of today only themselves betray, even if unpunished by public opinion, they will all bow down before God's Divine Dominion. As power augments one's reach, responsibility is proportionally increased. For every single word of a speech, for every action favoring the Beast, the tyrant is held to account: temporal power does not Divine Power surmount. Blessed is the man who on Earth seeks redemption, there is no forgiveness for the dying unrepentant, condemned to serve an eternal sentence. Power born in arrogance always dies in humility, as today's seemingly unbridled omnipotence proves to be tomorrow's criminal liability, subject to unforgiving eternal culpability. The tyrants of today standing as great leaders, will all bow tomorrow before life's unyielding reaper, when all is finally revealed, and all evil punished according to God's divine will. Empires have fallen, empires have risen, power unguided by Wisdom is eternally crestfallen and imprisoned. All in this world ever hidden is never concealed from God´s all seeing vision. Before God´s Justice there are no tyrants, only fools who sought in arrogance their only guidance.

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