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  • Andre Lamartin

Challenging Silence for a Duel

When challenging silence for a duel, only use your voice when knowing what to say, life is always cruel to those taking time for a fool: respecting silence never led anyone astray. But there is no point rendering advice if not following it myself: wisdom easily becomes a vice if unapplied to oneself. When trying to write, there is always so much to be said, but a hollowness inside garbled the words inside my head. Writing is pointless unless your words are true, but denuding my weakness will never impress you. Still the fact remains, there is sincerity to be found, by acknowledging humility in a world where pride abounds. So much is wrong that my tired eyes can see; an immobilizing disillusionment has overtaken me. In a world beset by problems in need of drastic change, meaningful solutions appear out of range. But to lose hope in the future is to lose hope in yourself. Knowledge unapplied remains forever on the shelf. So much that truly matters I must find the courage to say, I will never hear tomorrow unless speaking for today. But the emptiness inside fills the emptiness beyond, two worlds separated by silence can never correspond. How can I ever say… what words lack the courage to convey? Words cannot express all I sorely lack, if the weight carried on my back is not openly addressed. If only to yourself are your dearest dreams true, the greatest relief in life is finding someone else who dreams like you. Even if the world remains unchanged, your life starts anew, no longer are you estranged from the real you. The confidence another brings is the fellowship of two, the consonance of dreams giving wings to both of you. Ascending past great heights, where bright days rule silent nights, an oneiric home only defined by those who silence never confined. But a man sometimes forgets… all he believed as a child, a life filled with regrets can the past always defile. So the child must now speak, for the man has lost his way, innocence always seeks a tomorrow better than today. A dream is a paradisiac island of the future, floating placidly on the ocean of our hearts, having our imagination as its ruler, comanding us on how to play our parts, so a victorious dueler can finally reach this celestial work of art. Only using my voice will lead me to this day. Only challenging silence will all my fears allay. Words are the steps leading me to the future, offering me hope to awaken from this mortal stupor. Words convey the truth silencing all lies. So long my voice is heard, my dreams will never die. Now that I finally said all I meant to say, the journey of life can be resumed today.

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