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  • Andre Lamartin

The Good Shepherd

So much have I to learn in life, but this much is clear to me: there is no greater sacrifice than the love of Christ for me. His humility conquered pride, his compassion conquered greed. For my sake having died, for my sake he chose to bleed. All he ever asked in return: that in God I believe. From his life I should learn how myself not to deceive. His wisdom has been my guide, the only aid in times of need. Always walking by my side many times he took the lead.When surrounding darkness made me blind, his abounding Love proved to me: no man by darkness is confined when faith in Christ sets him free. He lived by every godly word, he lived by every godly hymn, no complaints ever heard, as all rage was poured on him. Freely dying for us all from great heights he did not fall. When he died on the cross, True Love conquered all. To bear the weight of my cross I must follow his, respecting no greater boss for no greater Love there is. Many are called in life, but only a few choose to believe, for many are appalled... at all they would have to leave. So easily are we deceived by what our senses state as true, but all that matters most in life is invisible to me and you. As Love survived the cross, man arose from the Fall. There is no greater loss than rejecting Love´s final call. By ignoring the Truth from above, one forsakes eternal youth, provided by everlasting Love to all believers true. People are so enthralled by lies, the Truth they misperceive: many prefer to die curled up in a world of make believe. Being the sum of all they own, and not the sum of their beliefs. Their place in Heaven they disown, believing greed provides relief. Only in Heaven should they store the richness of their deeds, but possession of earthly goods satisfies their every need. Living only for the present, and all their eyes can see, forsaking a future ascent to Heaven that answers every plea. Christ once told a rich man to abandon all he owned, to bear his cross, and follow him, sitting one day besides God's throne. But the rich men of today still embrace all they own, laughing at the cross, and all it atones. When life becomes a sales pitch, what is being sold, if not your mind, body, heart, and everlasting soul? When absolute Love conquered absolute hatred, a sacred dove flew to heavenly greatness, one day returning as a Lion, overturning all evil from Mount Zion. Until this day arrives, to his words I remain true. Having saved countless lives, his words will see me through. For he is strong where I am weak, where I am blind he can see. If by his side I belong, despite myself being meek, my mind´s only guiding light is his eternal peace. By his word all is measured, from his word wisdom springs. So lead the way my Good Shepherd, the one and only King of Kings!

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