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  • Andre Lamartin

Dei Amor Vincit Omnia

My Son,

There comes a time when all is taken away... but when there is nothing left to lose, there is everything left to gain. A man falters along his way, abandoned by his muse, accompanied by his pain. Dreams of companionship that never lived past yesterday, mornings of solitude that rise but never lay. To lose one´s bearings and sense of direction is to wander aimlessly, staring at mirrors of dejection. Seeing whom you once were, redefining whom you presently are, choices you can no longer defer, reaching for a Heaven so near but far. Besieged by an Enemy that waited your entire life for this moment of weakness to arrive. His name has echoed through history, instilling fear and sowing doubt, revealing life´s greatest mystery when defeated by a Heart eternally devout. The mere presence of his being meant that your Father above was also seeing the battlefield that lay before, hearing his child´s final declaration of war.

But only in your time of greatest weakness can you display your greatest strength, of the many lessons of meekness, this Biblical truth should be kept at arm´s length. When the load is too heavy to bear, while fighting against impossible odds, request divine aid through prayer by having faith in your only true God. For as long as you believe in Christ above, you will have a piece of Heaven in your heart, a source of endless hope and boundless love, sparing your soul from being torn apart. When there was nothing left to lose, there was everything left to gain: an eternal life you dared choose in a Heaven where True Love finally reigns.

How much time you still have is not the question you should ask. No one knows the date or time save for those whose crime is allowing desperation to set the course of endless regret. So use your time wisely, but worry not what others think. Never consider yourself too highly; never allow your true stature to shrink. Remember you are not what you do. You are what you believe: the sum of your moral choices, the realization of your creed, the love outspoken in your voice in times of happiness, in times of need. If the world had not turned away from the Word, there would never be the pain and suffering you always see. A shepherd takes care of his herd, but some sheep will always flee, enticed by a life free of rules, lured by false promises meant for fools. Remember that the journey of faith requires belief, as all that is unseen today tomorrow brings relief, a salvation meant for a redemptive day entirely devoid of grief.

The knowledge you call wisdom is folly for those who fail to understand that the promised eternal kingdom was never meant for this land. When you live for Heaven you must die to the world of sin. This may not be an experience deemed pleasant if it separates you from your kin. Guidance can always be offered, but everyone must make their choice: the only way to move forward is to accept the limitations of your voice. Humility provides clarity of vision, but faith is what lights your way. Always remain an island of tranquility despite feeling betrayed. The journey of faith requires belief, so with divine fervor always live and pray, though life may seem momentarily brief, long is the righteous way.

You were hardly the first man hurt by a loved one, so do not consider your work as done, there is a long journey ahead of you and today has just begun. There is so much in store for you that presently remains concealed, limited is your view because your heart has not yet healed. For all things there is a season, today you sow, tomorrow you reap. This is the only reason why peace should guard your sleep. The nightmares that still trouble you have not arrived to stay, face the darkness with valor, light will greet you another day. Even in your moment of greatest pain never were you alone, we were all by your side for Heaven is your home. Life is a pilgrimage and there is much yet to be done, when blinding darkness surrounds you, always remember you are my son.

Many who came before you were persecuted as well, to live by the Word is to face the armies of Hell. The world cannot accept that life is not abstract, that there are divine rules to be followed, laid down in the Book eternally hallowed. Each man lives only for himself because the world worships the self. The mere notion of a Divine Creator is dismissed as an invisible dictator setting arbitrary rules observed only by medieval fools. Many laugh at what they cannot understand only one day to find out: from the future they never planned, there is absolutely no way out. To forsake one´s divine paternity is the mistake that defines eternity. If they cannot love their God, how can they love themselves? Neighbors feel compelled to applaud the indignities they should repel.

You are right to care about others because you care about yourself. Pray that you can be reunited as brothers in a Heaven no one sells. The only true competition in life is of Good versus Evil, so make it your personal ambition to go on fighting of all enemies the most primeval. Always consider the social good, despite at times being misunderstood, for this is an obligation owed not only to yourself, but to Heaven as well. When standing as a lawyer, always defend God above, personal vanity is the destroyer of both divine and brotherly love. Never expect reciprocity when assisting your fellow men, only Heaven expects generosity, amply rewarding every Amen.

When the world around you preaches personal greed, always ask yourself: is this what I really need? A life that all consumes is filled with empty dreams, promises always broken as time silently screams. Only a liar measures life according to his will, his only desire is to prolong pleasures always billed. If a life where all is priced is simply common sense, the destruction of the soul is bought at all expense. There is a reason why a rich man struggles to enter Heaven: he eschews what is right for what is merely pleasant. When humbling yourself before the world, you are humbling yourself before Heaven, as your secrets are unfurled, God is hearing your confession, so go on living for the future, never live just for the present.

When they mock you always remember they laughed at Heaven first, when bound by an earthly view one settles only for the very worst. They still do not understand, but one day they certainly will. Why Christ was sent as planned, why the Book must be fulfilled. Proving that Love overcomes all hatred, as the Truth vanquished all lies, the sacrifice of a life eternally sacred, offered the atonement to silence all righteous cries. So the day a man repents, his life starts anew, only then does he perceive events from an entirely different view. Be careful with reprimands, when patience carries you through, another day where you honorably stand, amongst the Elect few.

There is no place for anguish in a heart that divine love commands, in today's sorrow never languish, tomorrow brings the promissed land, a future ascent to Heaven, a Home devoid of all lament. Use quiet moments to conserve your spiritual light, a body is never broken while faith remains your source of might. Though the path ahead remains unclear, concentrate on the steps taken today, if the journey of faith is beset by fear, one can easily be led astray. A heart blinded to what Heaven holds dear, can in a moment of weakness easily itself betray, bowing before fear, bowing before today. Never be afraid of darkness while fighting demons, when your enemy is heartless succumbing to fear amounts to treason.

Always remember those who came before you, the roads they chose could only be traveled by a few, keep their stories to your heart always close, to their memory always remain true. Never forget the seemingly insurmountable obstacles overcome, many faced death willingly when their hour of need had finally come. At all times be grateful for what you have, from all you possess today ungratefulness can only subtract. Stay strong and to the end remain steadfast, you have done no wrong that merits imprisonment in the past. When hope in your surroundings is nowhere to be found; Christ remains the greatest Truth ever heavenly crowned.

Do not judge yourself too harshly, the cross you bear is not yours alone. The problems of this world are caused by what evil men condone. Studying the Word is wearing the armor of faith, a task no longer postponed for you can no longer wait. Always listen to what your heart has to say, and rediscover the joy in life the Christian way. For all that can be said about belief, if not translated by love, it brings absolutely no relief if misunderstood by Heaven above. To love in times of pain is certainly no easy task, but freedom is always gained by living life without a mask.

So remember my son: even time stands still, for the race is already won, my promise shall be fulfilled. As long as a man has the unconditional Love for God in his heart, he has a piece of Heaven, a spring of hope sustaining life for Christ remains in his presence. Wherever he may find himself, he will never be alone, for the only true companion of oneself is the love that all atones. Countless battles have been waged, countless more may be in store, the Enemy remains eternally enraged, defense of light the allegiance you swore. Relying on the boundless mercifulness of divine grace, you rose from the depths of an abyssal fall, now prepared to a divine Truth embrace: God´s Love conquers all.

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