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  • Andre Lamartin

Bridging Distances

The true distance separating two human beings cannot be bridged solely by our eyes, as beauty never truly touches the heart, while silence keeps two souls apart. Even when a silhouette astounds the eyes, a woman´s true splendor remains disguised. A man only knows he has met his wife, when life is inconceivable without her by his side. Two souls united in one flesh, two lives eternally enmeshed. The promised companionship of a wife transforming a mundane existence into an extraordinary life. But these were merely my hopes and dreams. Only in vain did I search for the woman my life would redeem. Having instead turned to the skies, there finding the Truth that silenced all lies. But even Apostles were sent out as two, while I always travel quiescently alone. Though God´s Love is always true, it is hard being far away from home. So forgive me Father for this moment of weakness; you are the author of this character´s meekness. From self-pity a Christian must always refrain: the road of hardship is never travelled in vain. While carrying a piece of Heaven deep inside, complaining of solitude is but a crime. Only atheists have ever lied, claiming that Love is bound by time. Though far beyond the reach of my eyes, true beauty never lies. Heaven only speaks the language of truth, but not one the world recognizes. It is the promised fountain of eternal youth, from which Eternal Love finally arises.

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