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  • Andre Lamartin

Unbroken Martyrs

When a body is broken, but a spirit is never slain, courage has no greater token than a faith that never wanes. Murdered under orders for offering divine guidance, the memory of the martyrs should never be silenced. They all faced persecution, remaining steadfast to the end. They all faced execution for a love that all transcends. Answering every lie solely with the Truth, having lost their lives for an eternity far from view, but to their hearts always close, with a courage meant for few. They were made of flesh and blood, only their faith was carved in stone, though taken to their limits, they were never left alone. Guided from above on how to play their parts, the Holy Spirit always resided deep within their hearts. Surrounded by darkness, the only light came from within, there is no everlasting starkness for those who die only to sin. Though a face may not reveal the inner peace brutal pain conceals, faith always speaks for itself, staring down the armies of Hell. As valor sheds no tears, for courage never cries, a man conquers all his fears, as the Truth defeats all lies. Despite being imprisoned, mocked and tortured, they found in God above the promised peace of a new order: a freedom never bound, a faith never slaughtered, a love bound for Heaven which their lives so dearly honored. To the stories their lives penned, there were no tragic reenactments, remaining true to the very end, they lived for the first two commandments: love your God with all your heart; love your neighbor as yourself! By the Word they played their parts, telling a divine story so faithfully well. Sent like sheep amongst the wolves, in a world ruled by monsters still, in meekness they remained bold, even when their hearts were momentarily stilled, many times betrayed for gold, by cowards they were killed. What crime did they commit that merited so much persecution? Why must the powerful fear a Gospel that only provides absolution? In a world ruled by war, they dared promise peace. In a world that money adores, they claimed the greatest are the least. In a world where justice is a whore, they promised innocence will be released. All murdered for living by a divine higher order, where love overcomes all hatred, compassion overcomes all greed, where souls are created to live a life ruled by Peace. If these words remain offensive because they are not politically correct, remember lies are too expensive when eternity they affect. Though this world is never lenient with those who in God believe, neither is time convenient for those who refuse to be deceived. The living Truth remains unconquered, despite the most morbid lies, no verse can ever honor a faith that never dies. When Love is so much stronger, than the darkest evil deeds, mere words can never honor a faith that never bleeds. Though their bodies were broken, their spirits will never be, having lived for the Truth once spoken, having died only to be set free. Though they cannot be killed again, many mock them still. Know where you stand before their names are unsealed. No one can ever say the Truth remained concealed. No one can ever claim Jesus Christ was not revealed.

Saint John the Baptist

Saint Peter, the Apostle

Saint Paul, the Apostle

Saint James, brother of Jesus

Saint Stephen [Acts 7:54–60]

Saint James, son of Zebedee [Acts 12:1-2]

Saint Mark, the Evangelist

Saint Andrew, the Apostle

Saint Thomas, the Apostle

Saint Philip, the Apostle

Saint Jude, the Apostle

Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle

Though forgotten by the pages of history, countless more have been slain since. Faith always remains an unsolved mystery, if by the living Truth one is unconvinced.

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