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  • Andre Lamartin

Smells Like Teen Spirit

If music were a personal expression of the human condition, an accession into a heaven of melodic beauty and harmonic progression, where words were imbued with the lifeblood of the artist, meant to exude true feelings and emotions, harnessed by uncompromising talent for a compromised market, where the tempo is set by the heartbeat of life, helping us cope with the day´s early strife, than I would be its number one fan, for music would comprise the soul of man.A lifetime I spent believing this to be true, not as a vocal listener, but as a musician too. But how foolish of me to be proven so wrong, ghoulish is an industry to which I could never belong, if it destroys humanity by devouring souls of performers and fans sacrificing both. Behind the smiles and public veneer, hides the truth of self-destructive careers sold to every new generation as a lie, promoting music meant solely for eyes, accepting sedation as freedom, slavery as life, nihilism as a religion deemed sublime. A public that applauds its own demise, embracing mass production of records followed by mass production of lies so the individual can be properly standardized. Attending concerts meant for thousands where no intimacy is had, where cowards are violent and the acoustic is dead. Ticket holders are those with money to pay, while the greatest fans only stay away from the denigration of what they learned to play, in admiration and awe of what songs could convey. Music as freedom not violence, a spiritual electric idleness, where songs capture emotions once true, not fabricated lies appealing to certain demographic views. Where lyrics bear no relevant meaning because our lives are just as equally demeaning, listening to songs ghost written by demons having very particular reasons to seduce and inspire rebellion against a true musical heaven. While performers taken as prisoners are asked to play on demand, regardless of personal obligations a family life would command. Displaying the same smiles, concealing different frowns, travelling endless miles fighting over a meaningless crown. Seeking solace where no solace is found, in needles, in parties, where sycophantic whores abound. Lifelong friendships torn apart while music becomes a lost art. Bottling and marketing teenage rage, promising every new generation they will never age. And then there´s the sexual abuse… by those who feel entitled to absolutely use musicians employed as sexual toys, a political or economic source of joy. Forcefully paying to stay, unsuspecting fans are also easy prey to sexual predators prowling backstage, especially if still underage. Security guards that should protect sometimes fail to work at their behest, turning against the hand that feeds, despite being on a short leash. The servitude of wealth that anything buys, except the freedom a true king would prize. Setting standards through their personal behavior, simpletons lionized as religious saviors, imprisoned inside mansions and five star hotels, endangered by the very people to whom they sell. While executives dictate artistic direction, wardrobe, relationships and political affections, performers are forced to submit to a lifestyle they can never quit. When performers die at an early age, what is the true cause of death, when personal life takes center stage, and they are forced to hold every breath? Artists always pushed to create because customers can never wait, always expecting to be entertained, while personal lives are fully explained. Careless words treated as gospel by impressionable fans always starving for lies about shooting stars doomed to suddenly disappear in the dark lit mysterious night. This is not the music I loved and adored, this the business I adamantly deplore. The sound of freedom, I still can hear, though properly interpreted by experienced ears. There is a musical revolution coming my way, where sound bears true meaning in a relevant way. Music bears meaning for those who believe the sound of different experiences can sometimes agree. Music is freedom for those who believe we still have a right to disagree. When music is finally released, unbound by needless human greed, load up on guns and bring your friends, it´s fun to lose and to pretend…

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