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  • Andre Lamartin

The Courage of One

Life is the only choice a fighter ever makes, indomitable is the spirit that bends but never breaks. When the time arrives when you must rise again, the courage of one is felt by all men. There is a journey to be resumed, a call that must be answered still, a life that must not be consumed by the fear that has so many killed. If reaching a heavenly destination is the definition of success, many are the obstacles that still must be surpassed, while traveling along a righteous, but godforsaken path. Defeat is never optional and victory the only goal at hand, never abandon your true arsenal, your troops remain at your command. As problems arise at every turn, and those around you have lost heart, after every tragic end... comes a new start, the time when you must rise to finally play your part. So when the Towers were brought down, when Lady Liberty lost her crown, the American dream made a stand, despite violent punishment at violent hands. Bravery vanquished cowardice by rushing to the scene of the blazing inferno of incinerated dreams. But from the ground zero of a neverending war, a Bald Eagle would rise again to soar, like the Phoenix from old forgotten lore. While hope in the future remains a guiding light, remember every single tear that was shed that night. Always be mindful of your history, the past remains present today, mindless violence is not a mystery for those whose memory never betray. Only light restores vision, darkness is meant only to enshroud every major decision, debasing courage into doubt. But the solitude of abandonment should not be your torment: the absence of those who forsake you is no reason for lament. Only when alone will you finally understand why a leader never atones for those who die under his command. When despair is the only preacher, terror preys on the devout, but there is no greater teacher than a solitary moment of doubt. This is when you learn what you are really all about. Indomitable is the spirit that bends but never breaks, life is the only choice a fighter ever makes. When the courage of one is felt by all men, inspiration moves the strong to finally rise again.

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