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  • Andre Lamartin

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Why must every generation sacrifice its youth for supposedly wise old men deaf to innocent cries? When will we ever learn to live for the truth, instead of dying for the same old lies? Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will truly be called the children of God. Of the highest moral rules they are never the lawbreakers, while baseless murder the blind so jingoistically applaud. Flagrant is the debasement of a nation when there is no modicum of dignity to war because immoral are the rules of engagement, and the truth is debased as a whore. So much must still be said... about an enduring peace that can never last, but only the living can speak for the dead, and explain why such a miserable part was so untimely cast. Experience once violently earned has special heroes to commend; many lessons should be learned from wars that never end. If politics by other means is the true definition of war itself, machines will have to settle a neverending score in Hell, but arsenals left unused are only for deterrence built, weapons never to be used simply to assuage a leader's guilt. When might alone does not make right, lasting peace will have a fighting chance, bringing an end to the darkest night, so diplomacy can finally advance. In this world we are not imperial hosts, but merely visiting guests, morally compelled to exorcise the same terrifying ghosts, haunting countless generations past. If murdering the defenseless from a distance is the most expedient way to save lives, questionable is this concept of salvation, only attainable by committing a crime. What war is ever won by first destroying your own self, when the sacrifice of one doesn't spare us all from Hell? If no limits are imposed on what a man does to kill, the life he cowardly takes first claims his own soul, by pulling a trigger his own heart is forever stilled, as God is never by despicable medals consoled. It is so much easier to destroy in a second what took countless years to create, if our talents are never truly employed to address the real reasons behind so much fratricidal hate. While the innocent plead for justice in silent prayer, warmongers look for new ways to have innocent blood spilled; the only future certainty about warfare is the incessant development of the most appalling ways to kill. If the same dedication was shown to the preservation of life, to the most abominable injustices this world would never be so blind. The greatest tragedy of going to war is fighting against yourself, destroying what you should protect, forsaking the truth itself. A nation should never go to war, as a soldier should never take aim, simply to glorify mindless gore, simply to destroy what should never be slain. Blessed are those who live for peace at home and abroad, professed innocence will never cease to do what is right by God.

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