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  • Andre Lamartin

New Year´s Day

The New Year brings the hope of starting life anew, a chance to learn from the mistakes of the past, while to your dreams and aspirations staying true. Always believe that tomorrow can be better than today, never allow yesterday's sorrow to intrude on a new day. Perspective is always gained by those who travel far, no choice is made in vain, when it defines whom we are. Planning for the future depends on learning from the past, time is an unforgiving ruler demanding answers to questions asked. May we finally succeed where once we had failed, life is much more than greed could ever hope to unveil. Don´t be afraid to leave behind what was never your own, false needs only render you blind to what you should never disown. Face tomorrow with the same valor so often displayed in the past, of your fate remain the master, lessons learned were meant to last. No war was ever lost by refusing to accept defeat, if all options we must exhaust, time accepts no retreat. There is no longing for the past when the present is yours to reign, bondage will only forever last when in memory it still remains. The price of freedom is a life replete of choices made, but every virtue conceals a vice, if all is up for trade. A man is made invincible when the highest moral standing he attains, by staying true to divine principles, especially in times of pain. Always have the firm belief that you will find your way, life is long but momentarily brief, when troubles beset your day. So make a point to leave behind all fears still binding you to the past, I wish you a happy new year and beautiful memories to forever last!

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