• Andre Lamartin

A Heart Always True

Desired by many, experienced by few, always live for a love that is true. Surviving the passing of years, unbound by time and great distance, true love overcomes all of our fears, ascribing meaning to human existence. Even if dark days should greet us instead, faith always saves us from future regret. One should never live to forget: out of many God chose only a few, life's greatest regret is betraying a heart always true. Only fools ever died rejecting their divine paternity. Time is always on the side of those who live for eternity. So use your days wisely, while tomorrow lies ahead, never take yourself too lightly, remembering all Christ once said. While the truth is spoken, so bravely and out loud, no heart is ever broken if by fear man is unbowed. Those who love Christ openly will be acknowledged in return, salvation is granted solely to believers who dare to learn. The Gospel is a gift meant for all mankind, saving all those adrift, restoring vision to the blind. A sincere heart that remains true will never be left behind, true love is experienced only by a few whom by God are so assigned. His children may be tested by a world lost for time, where believers are detested, never committing any crime. But a heart always true is always judging from above, Heaven offers the best view from which to contemplate true love. In a world where all is bought, what matters most cannot be sold, all the answers we have sought are valued more than gold. For a heart always true there is no price that can be paid, true love is only for the few whose faith will never fade.