• Andre Lamartin

After the Fall

Pride comes before the fall... and after it as well. This is true of one and all who forget the meaning of Hell. Heavy is the crown for those not meant to wear it, most leaders of renown would never truly admit it. Only faith carries us through a journey so often beset by hate, survived only by a few, straight and narrow is the gate. Many are those who borrow time they cannot betray, while planning for tomorrow, do not forsake today. Now that a plague is here, and so many have already died, surely we must be clear on who is entitled to lead and guide. The universal language of love is the best hope we ever had, a sacred dove to guide us through all that lies ahead. Always be sure to know where your faith truly rests, life is not a show ending with every single breath. Wearing a mask always demands undying persistence, many are the questions asked before embracing social distance. Life is not a neverending war, or a game of chance that must be played, those knocking on Heaven's door can rest assured: our ransom has been paid. Place your trust on the Lord and listen to what he has to say, his wisdom the Bible has stored so we may find our way. Those who hide behind a wall have accepted life inside a cell, to rise from the fall first bid the past farewell. As the day of reckoning arrives like a thief in the silent night, a Christian so dearly strives to live and walk in the light. For those who seek to learn what the Lord still has to teach, with humility please discern what you practice from what you preach. Before finding a flaw in others please look for it in yourselves; those who want to enforce the law must first uphold it themselves. Contrition is reserved for the penitent who justly pray, and heavenly admission for the innocent not led astray. The weight of his cross not even Christ had to bear alone, another man's loss is never entirely his own. Death is merely a stopover in a race already won. Life should never be over before it has begun. Always know the plan before making the first move, war destroys the man who doesn't know what he must prove. Pride comes before the fall... and after it as well; those condemned to crawl have bid the Truth farewell. When every single breath tells you to be more introspective, nothing like Death puts Life into perspective.