• Andre Lamartin

To Briefly Stand

Castles of sand, meticulously built to briefly stand, are washed away by the sea, no civilization is entirely free. Time is never on the side of those disrespecting the incoming tide, destroying all on its way, man lives only to dream of another day. If only in memory does the castle remain, the labor of centuries was only in vain. Keeping a safe distance from nature itself, existence demands belief in oneself, but only pride has ever sworn all that died must be reborn. The true glory of man´s creation is the life story of every civilization: though they all succumb before the turning of the tide, not every dream is destined one day to die. Just as God originally planned, no castle of sand will eternally stand, though its destruction is not a crime for the Monarch who vanquished time. All in life that ever remains cannot be bound or kept in chains, nor is it destroyed by the incoming tide, only in Heaven does eternity abide. There is a castle not made of sand, miraculously built to eternally stand, never to be washed away by the sea, its subjects are eternally free. Those who in Christ have always believed, by false promises are never deceived: out of many the Lord chose only one, our redemption is his only begotten son.