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  • Andre Lamartin

Vowed Never to Forget

One of the darkest days in aviation has been set aside to mourn the reasons why a proud nation must occasionally be reborn. Distance provides the perspective that proximity so often denies, the time has come to be reflective about a tragedy that darkened the skies. Never did so much ire cause so many civilians to die, as incandescent birds of fire plunged from the morning sky. Obliterating without remorse, as an entire nation stood still, an attack changed the course of a history as yet unfulfilled. The dream of post-Cold War invincibility, whose death was now foretold, indicated the dire vulnerability of a people once so bold. An entire generation of strategists was brought down to their knees, even self-proclaimed pacifists had vested interests to please. Protected by vast oceans from enemies far and away, the people had only a vague notion of the dangers coming its way. A battalion of first responders was immediately called to the scene, time one rarely squanders when American forces convene. Well beyond the call of duty, firemen calmed a blaze that professed its own beauty for enemies fighting for praise. Death's infernal might provided no reason to rejoice, plunging from a great height, many believed they had no choice. Why should one depose a loving Almighty power when no one really knows the final day or the hour? Of a saving redeeming light the faithless were so deprived, like a thief in the ashen night, the day of reckoning arrived. Police officers also rushed, always trying to serve and protect, but their shields were suddenly crushed under a tower of endless regret. Answering duty´s call many left their families behind, how some sacrificed all still troubles the heart and mind. As the wounded towers fell, and the twins were so destroyed, many arrived in hell as dying embers filled the void. Never truly knowing when their day was to arrive, mere words are never going their aspirations to revive. American is the dream always striving to come true, working as a team many bled only for a few. Amid the fog of war spreading endless miles away, the entire nation swore: victory is ours another day. The seeds of war were sown, for America would have its say, the age of the flying drone would arrive only to stay. Many lives were lost well beyond ground zero, families paid the cost for each and every hero. To pay the highest price for our own sisters and brothers is the ultimate sacrifice for the wellbeing of others. There was no coming home for the wounded left behind, a battlefield they still roam in their hearts and in their minds. Sent to fight abroad, soldiers answered freedom's call of one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. Only later did they question why the war continued home, the embrace of blind aggression was the mark of a New Rome. Every empire is always built by names that never last, those consumed by guilt know some questions can't be asked. More soldiers died at home than were ever killed abroad, their names fill the tome of a memory always flawed. Winning every battle only to lose the war, defeat will always rattle the entire core. When leaders only plan for a world of endless strife, death misleads a man into taking his own life. Dying by his hands never provides any release, only living for what he stands can a man find lasting peace. So much was painfully learned, after all the trials faced, a proud nation is concerned its name was not disgraced. Was the country truly united, when all was said and done, while politicians always benighted worshipped the barrel of a gun? There are lessons to be learned, if we practice what we preach, in a war where freedom burned, and so much was out of reach. Many were the mistakes made by those in power, gambling for high stakes in their finest hour. The reckless are not known for having the best sense of timing, those going to war alone an impossible mountain are set on climbing. True allies share a burden not easily set aside, when victory is uncertain perseverance must always guide. Never abandon a struggle until seeing it through, never go looking for trouble not out looking for you, while sifting through the rubble... fight only for what is true. A war based on a lie can never lead to lasting peace when the people ask why the fighting can never cease. There was no smoking gun justifying an invasion, like father like son, some never rose to the occasion. Weapons of mass destruction were nowhere to be found, if ever in production, a victory left uncrowned. Never ask a man to bravely die for a mistake, never fail to plan when so much is at stake. Keeping hope alive that our goals we can achieve, knowing when to arrive implies knowing when to leave. But if war becomes a business where lives are freely sold, there can be no forgiveness for those who worship gold. The self-indulgence of a few misrepresented the best interests of the many, the people wanted life anew, and reasons they had plenty. Every war has a reason that reason itself misunderstands, every policy has its season once shaking the right hands. While settling a final score beware of all seduction, total and asymmetric is the war of mass destruction. What original sin could ever merit so much pain, if a new war one must win to spare the innocent from being slain? Killing always leading to more only begs the question: why open the door leading only to blind aggression? The nationality of the attackers was never taken into account when identifying their backers was truly paramount. Never bury a tragic past while having reason for lament, yesterday will only forever last in the absence of dissent. To its own people America owes a freedom that must never fade, never treating friends as foes is a distinction to be clearly made. No forgiveness was shown to enemies both old and new, the many did not condone the hatred of a few. The love for an enemy, as Christ once taught, is based on a clemency no one has sought. So much more could still be said, but mere words would not suffice, only the living can speak for the dead, if the truth is not sold for a price. In the land of the free, in the home of the brave, who holds the key to what lies beyond the grave? The love of God was crowned so all in life should have a reason, great is the hope found even in the darkest season. In this moment of greatest need when so much was laid to bare, America was forced to bleed, searching for solace in a prayer. Those who live by the sword, by the sword will meet their fate, it is pointless fighting towards the straight and narrow gate. Since this infamous day, twenty long years have passed me by, but I can still remember the way America stopped to cry. A nation's wounded pride vowed always to remember all those who tragically died on a sunny day in September. Many answered the call, vowing never to forget, but twenty years after the fall, there is so much reason for regret. The bitter taste of defeat in two separate wars remains a retreat no soldier ignores. When its position never held, before an enemy once so bold, America felt compelled to do as it was told. As unfulfilled desires always move desperate men, the graveyard of empires strikes once again. If peace on American soil is to remain unbroken, the truth can only roil lies so often spoken. A nation respecting history... never repeats the mistakes of the past, statecraft is not a mystery when the right questions are properly asked. The people have now forgotten the many lessons of this day, unity misbegotten to division has given way. Wars ending in disaster have shown how fragile is peace, but we must learn to master the fickleness of our caprice. While the enemy never tires of killing without remorse, the defense of peace requires a restraint while using force. Always stay the course that finally leads to peace, a just order one must enforce so the violence will cease. All a nation needs to follow its guiding light are those who sow the seeds of a future always bright. Every order has caretakers, both at home and abroad, blessed are the peacemakers for being called the children of God. So the people may believe in a freedom that never dies, never should we conceive a future built on lies. Promised is the land where dreams do come true, where love is a command for the many not just a few. Hope is never slain for a man who finds his way, eternal is the pain for those who all betray. In defiance remain unbowed, in resolve recall the threat, remember all those who vowed never to forget.

Obs: In memory of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack.


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