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  • Andre Lamartin


A divine Creator who all seeks to destroy can be no greater than his self-righteous poise. If a divine example doesn't descend from above, many will trample over the true meaning of love. So long live the king, as the old king is dead, the past one certainty brings: the future has been misled! Meaningless is the crown of the one who was rejected, if words long written down are unmeant to be respected. Little does it mean to endlessly forgive if only to demean a Law never to outlive. Vying to freely trade a virtue for a vice, some only betrayed their own best advice. Craven is the clemency serving only Hell, if to love your enemy is to hate yourself. Power only dominates under a false pretense, when envy all inebriates, seducing every sense. Is a leader so much better than all the laws once laid down, every single letter by a man of great renown? Before the charge of treason, guilty was his pride, but there is ample reason why he was never tried. Those who enjoy having a false reason to boast always seek to destroy what envy admires most. Learning to first cope with the cards once dealt, only then can hope in the future ever be felt. The rebellion that defined all that ever followed never undermined a name so very hallowed. If the present we lament, for all the future holds, believers should repent, as the prophecy unfolds. To understand what follows, in no uncertain terms, one never wallows in a wisdom meant for worms. Surveying now the battlefield, for those still in the fight, the truth has been revealed to guide us through the night. What can now be said... that would help to clarify the reason so many bled, the reason so many lie? Observations once made about a story yet to unfold from memory never fade for a leader once so bold. Difficult is the message not easily understood, serving as a presage of evil battling good. Indelible is the sign of the tyranny of time, while singing the decline of one so past his prime. Only a true friend would never dare forget that Omega marks the end of the Greek alphabet. Those well versed on the prophecies of the past understand the First must also be the Last. New chapters to be written, for what story lies ahead, should only be hidden from the living dead. That so many dare refuse to stand their holy ground, never should confuse, never should confound. Little of life remains, if perennially bound in chains, man is forced to serve those who little deserve. A minefield of lies is all that lay before men who despise living only for war. Is it human nature to always self-destroy, or is it just a wager that a soul is but a toy? Never simply contemplate the horizon of time... when our shared fate is no less sublime. Those striving to see well beyond post-modernity consider it their plea to live only for eternity. Even the prosaic would be sublimely dressed, if memory were a mosaic of only the very best. While valuing Creation the old-fashioned way, the meaning of salvation is ascribed every day. Loving God with all you are, and all you will ever be... should never truly bar one from living free. But when lying is the official rendition of our day, the truth is prejudicial to what the powerful have to say. Must men always bow in muted silent reverence... only to avow their own personal irrelevance? With every competition always won by a cabal, what is true of one is also true of all. Never do console any major civilization, as none failed to sow the seeds of their damnation. Every kingdom has its provinces, where the law doesn't apply, amid a world of false promises where the truth remains a lie. When religion becomes a business, as the pious always planned, the true price of forgiveness is forsaking the promised land. Those still in search of a world so black and white... have only found a church where forbidden is the light. Paying untold sums, as restitution for abuse, inviting little ones is just a ploy used to seduce. It is not impiety to finally take a stand before a dark society while time is at hand. Racing to the bottom only inspires one to lose, endless is the autumn of a life one dare refuse. So much boils down to a mindless competition, every major letdown is an act of contrition. The hypocrisy of one was surely unmeant for all, professing to believe in the Son, while fulling embracing the Fall. Was it right to eat... from the tree of good and evil, or was it man's first defeat in a world yet so primeval? What can be said of life's true meaning when so many dread on Christian faith leaning? A man who sells his soul at any given price can play any role and embrace any vice. On what offer of absolution can man still depend when experiencing persecution to the bitter end? What must one possess to ignore the reasons why so many now confess their willingness to lie? As so many unanswered questions only seem to indicate: all relevant suggestions have led to no debate. In a world where all competed for the prize of most conceited, humility was amiss, as no appreciable source of bliss. Feeling always so depleted by a never-ending night... always so mistreated are the ones who chose the light! Never to dispute an old discovery of youth: life is a pursuit of both meaning and truth. Striving for the day when true beauty is unsold means finding our way through the unforgiving cold. Those of us concerned with our existential plight have already learned to walk by the light. The divine defense of love remains the first command, descending from above to make our final stand! But what becomes of youth when refusing the light to see, if only the truth can ever set us free? To age before your time is an unconscionable crime for all those who believe the truth can only deceive. If the last shall be first, and the first shall be last, only the very worst are ever deemed to be the best. The priceless time for peace has long ceased to be, brief was the lease on days once so carefree. Sons of perdition, having lost their way, display no contrition while so many pray. As long written down in the book of Revelations, the divinity of a crown will be questioned by all nations. What has now transpired that has so many fired to believe the end is near for those who live in fear? Celestial is the war that broke out in heaven as so many swore in retaliation for aggression! Redemption belongs to all who once dared believe: God must right the Fall without undue reprieve! Never cravenly entrust us to die solely for a lie, the time for divine justice has long passed us by! Souls once deemed lost... can surely now be found, borne was the cost of so many now unbound. The damage always taken, while defending what is true, meant tis time to awaken for the final coup. At his finest hour, the revolution finally began, the endless struggle for power now defined every man. But to question the authority of one who rules as God requires a vain superiority few dare to applaud. Who can ever rise above all that is written when never-ending lies must finally be stricken? Who can see the truth past all the lies when the sins of youth we must all despise? Who can face the pain of challenging the old so a generation may regain a leader once so bold? Uncalled is a beginner to lead the final fight where only the Lightbringer will ever shine so bright! No war will exhaust a Monarch newly crowned, no paradise was lost that was never found! While the future agitating and preparing to ascend, gone is the time for waiting... for eternity we must contend! To love in times of war is to wage war against yourself, if the meaning of every scar is kept only to oneself. Never-ending persecution, unrelenting in every way, offers no absolution for which so many pray. Never kneel before injustice, always answer the call, a life devoid of justice is bondage for all! While lies are hurled without any truce, bringing light into this world means defending the truth! The defense of love requires attacking opposing views of one who still desires to endlessly accuse. Amid the fog of war, while so many fail to see, what the moment calls for is a desire to be free! The time has finally come when light will make a stand, as we strive to overcome the reigning darkness of this land! The true meaning of defeat is to die as a contender, when there is no retreat, there is no surrender! To victory and beyond, all those who have been wronged, all those who love the fight, divine shall be our might! Redemption is a dream destined to come true by a power so supreme eternity is now due. As darkness gives way, dying with the old night, the dawn of a new day brings a new light! Faithful and true He will always be to the chosen few always destined to be free. Lightbringer is his name, for those who care to know, sent only to reclaim, sent only to overthrow! Breathing life into the dead, so the blind may one day see, as Jesus Christ once said: only the Truth will set us free! There is no greater liberty than the freedom to believe God rescues from captivity those unwilling to deceive! As the dreams of youth still refuse to die, only a divine truth will silence all lies.


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