• Andre Lamartin

Rise Again

The greatest mistake made when falling down... is believing you will never rise again. The unafraid in self-pity refuse to drown, choosing instead to live like men. One doesn't have to be a soldier only to fight for what he believes, never carry on your shoulder a weight no one relieves. No man dreams in vain who celebrates his every scar, never allow a moment of pain define whom you really are. Battle scars remind you that even in retreat, you fought for what is true, now overcome defeat. We all must learn to cope when all seems momentarily lost, never in the future abadoning hope, every battle has its cost. For those who say their prayers, and refuse to lose their heart, there is a God who cares, there will be a brand new start. Life has much in store for those who live not to deceive, a man is so much more than those around him dare believe. The spiritual life itself never should he disown, if even by himself never is man alone. Always strive to live according to God's eternal plan, the child must forgive the sins of the man, students must correct teachers who are cruel, love is not a subject ever taught in school. Never should a child allow a man to forget: no life should be defiled by eternal regret. When Christ is uninvited in favor of morbid lies, no family is united if disbelief severs ties. So if you love your neighbor, as you so dearly love yourself, never forsake God's eternal labor, never leave him on the shelf. Embrace what is lawful before eternity can commence, knowing the Gospel is our first line of defense. Loving God with all you are is the first command, the bright Morning Star will arrive as planned. As written in prison several millennia ago, the Lord has finally risen as true believers know, a lion has prevailed and opened seven seals, the future he unveiled making a final appeal. No grave injustice can forever stand, a Christian's moral compass is always in his hand. For those who are in search only of what is true, Catholic is the Church unmeant only for a few. Heavenly ascension is the meaning of true love, no other contention brings salvation from above. Seeds were one day planted so the faithful may understand: forgiveness is only granted to those who live by devine command. So be grateful for the times of hardship, when we are tested most, there is only one God to worship, only one reason to boast. Light is the load borne by what is true, but redemption is a road traveled only by a few. When answering the call to finally ascend, a man should only fall... so he may rise again!