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  • Andre Lamartin

In Search of Lost Time

How tragic a delicate flower should not outlive its finest hour. Why must beauty always die, while it longs to come alive? Those who say pride was the original sin have only denied that Envy lies within. Striving to destroy the object of its desire, Envy has no greater joy than crowning a liar. But if memory could recall a time before the Fall, would there ever be... a love once so carefree? Bright are the colors of star-crossed lovers always destined to stay... so close but far away. If for the price of fame a lover most atone, the burden of her name is always living life alone. But does she still believe true love does not deceive those condemned to wait just to meet their fate? A flower forced to smile while in so much pain is always dressed in style to solidify her reign. The same love inspiring so much song and dance is always aspiring for a second chance. Time of all enemies... is the most fearsome one of all, imposing undue penalties that can force a man to crawl. Against Time waging a war that impatience can only deplore, what can now be said of the innocence already bled? Does Envy not precede the pride before the Fall in ways you must concede has only hurt us all? Silence has more to say than eloquence ever agrees, the true meaning of this day only love can ever seize. So much there is to learn that should be of great concern, our hearts must now be open to the truth so rarely spoken... That men should always strive to tame and to destroy a love meant to stay alive as a boundless source of joy can only be the cause of undying consternation, breaking all the laws that justify Creation. That innocence once lost can never be regained may simply exhaust those by Time once so profaned. Only a flowering good taste is ever fully prepared to wait for the right moment to avow... a world alive only for now. Though always devout one strives to become, so an ocean of doubt can now be overcome, never does life stand still, incessant is the battle of will, as past and present collide with the turning of the tide. Second is the chance meant to redeem us for the first, a once rebellious stance leading to a war once so accursed. What is one to do when the old rejects the new, when the heroes of the past are as villains now recast? Always learn to listen before knowing what to say, petals born to glisten should never time betray. The dreams of the past once bound to forever last will always come true, if only for a few. So is it time to overrule an entire generation, so as not to be cruel to the future of a nation? Only a defeated common sense lives under the false pretense that much one stands to gain from unnecessary pain. To sway a desperate heart one must strive to look the part of one commanding great respect from a world so few reject. A price there is to pay for the mistakes along the way, but perhaps it should suffice to heed my best advice: always strive to illustrate all beauty carried inside, darkness will never abate... if hope is ever allowed to die! Rarely arriving as planned, Death never abandons its style, opposing life is only grand if Time is the enemy you revile. Tomorrow only justifies the pain of yesterday if one never vilifies the meaning of this day. So Envy once again, what has your venom done to me, if even a master of men is always destined never to be free? Some are born to play a role, many would die just to avoid, no forgiveness can console those whose work all destroyed. Though peace may seem sublime, war must never cease. Life has no time for those who rest in peace. Defeat is simply victory always in disguise, to the past unchaining liberty, true hope never dies! While defying eternal starkness, the day succumbs before the night, as light gives way to darkness... strive to shine just as bright! Avoiding all extremes while starting life anew, believe all our dreams are destined to come true! Every tragic end may portend a new beginning... for those who still contend the time has come for winning. Never should Time devour the cherished dream of a promised land, outliving its finest hour, this much true love should understand. Tragic is the servitude of man after the fall when rude is the awakening that Time must rule us all. Of all grave mistakes certainly the most absurd is eternity to forsake as just another word. As past and present collide, over our future we must preside. Memories should always rhyme for those in search of lost time. The quest to remember what lies in my past only revives the splendour of a day to forever last. Fighting for tomorrow implies learning from yesterday, as no momentary sorrow should outlive its stay.

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