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  • Andre Lamartin

To Vanquish Time Itself

Before Time can take its leave... always strive to believe that we must keep the dream alive, as no good thing ever dies. Leaving the past behind, and all it entails, can only free the mind from yesterday's travails. While mindful of tomorrow, make the best of the present day, there is no greater sorrow than to finally lose our way. Stumbling though we might while striving to succeed, happiness is a right for which a man must plead. Those who believe in God fully understand against this world's facade we must make our final stand. Only faith in Eternity... will save us from the Fall, this is the only certainty accompanying us all. For men of faith always martyred, what destination has been chartered, when so many questions still abound about the lost who have been found? In a world that worships lies that only serve the rich the truth to despise is just another pitch. Many are the souls that money always buys, many are the roles offering full disguise. If time is to conspire against those who never tire then all a man betrays is the peace that all allays. Surveying now the present, while learning from the past, some verities are so unpleasant to entertain at last. Of all truths the most profound one to now revive is that Eternity is bound one day to arrive. But if lies are all a man can ever hear, no faith is ever small that fights to persevere. As the war to end all wars is finally coming our way, always remember the stars destined to guide our way. Freedom will never cease to be the allegiance we swore, those who want peace must first prepare for war! Though God never avows unnecessary pain, the divine never bows before the profane. A revolution born as the truth should never betray its youth, refusing one day to die as just another miserable lie. Though the time is short, and much work is yet to be done, no good dream should one abort once life has only begun. Dreaming of the day when love will reign supreme is the reason so many pray... God may ourselves only redeem. Longing for a tomorrow so much better than today, one must first address the sorrow of the innocent led astray. So many are the trials where innocence stands convicted, false hope only defiles those by corruption still afflicted. Failing to heed the calling of impunity so appalling, never by God excused are the guilty so rarely accused. Justice is a word whose meaning has been deferred to an undisclosed future date for those condemned to wait. Opposing time is the destiny of those striving to persevere against a common enemy that instills so much fear. But if only the naive still profess to believe, who defends our liberty within the depths of infinity? From ashes to dust in a world still so unjust, will the invisible raise his voice so the righteous may rejoice? If silent prayers are ignored by the most absentee landlord, what is the meaning of piousness in a world of extreme violence? A sword mightier than the pen is so often admired, the unjust laws of men leave much to be desired. What lawyer ever stands in defense of the truth when money so commands that he betray his youth? Only the young dare believe that equality before the law will never dare deceive those longing only for more. A privilege in disguise for which a price is paid can never be a right unless justice is betrayed. Never feeling bound by decisions that all aggrieve is the only solace found by the meek who dare believe. If defending what is right requires divine might, then perhaps we should all pray: may we never lose our way. Salvation is only granted to all those who still believe no man was left stranded in a world of undue reprieve! When so much is wrong and injustices so abound, always keep strong, always stand your ground! Hope must never die for those who reject the lie that happiness is not a right for which to always fight. Another reason to survive under great strain: one need never be alive only to experience great pain. Should life ever resemble Hell, only in Heaven should our hopes dwell. Tomorrow brings a new beginning that still believes in a happy ending. So God may have the final say, so we may not ourselves betray: always reject the meaning of Hell... if you are to vanquish Time itself.

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