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  • Andre Lamartin

To Vanquish Time Itself

Always striving to believe no good thing ever dies, before time can take its leave we must keep the dream alive. Leaving the past behind, and all it entails, can only free the mind from yesterday's travails. While mindful of tomorrow, make the best of the present day, there is no greater sorrow than to finally lose our way. Stumbling though we might while striving to succeed, dark is the night for each and every creed. As those who believe in God fully understand, against this world's facade we must make our final stand. Relentless is the march of unforgiving years when the duty to discharge is overcoming primal fears. Only faith in Eternity... will save us from the Fall, this is the only certainty accompanying us all. Lonesome is the road leading towards redemption, heavy is the load borne without exemption. If money is the reason one professes to believe, there can be no greater treason than living only to deceive. As all they strive to buy is a joy that never dies, time dares never stop for those alive only to shop. A man who sells his soul, always lusting to be high-class, may have no other goal than mere riches to amass. A stairway to Heaven is just another capitalist indiscretion, one leaving much to be desired unless by God one is inspired. The divine wants us to consider how we are sold to the highest bidder if only money can pave the way to a brighter hopeful day. Those who serve two masters should know the reasons why life is such a great disaster when faith becomes a lie. The road towards destruction is so tragically wide and broad, faithless is the seduction of serving only Money as God. Of all that can be bought, so much should not be sold, this much the Bible taught: the Truth we must behold. As a Father loves his Son, who always heeds the call, salvation comes to One who rises from the Fall. Chosen are the few, selected along the way, in defense of what is true they were never led astray. Always living for tomorrow means never bowing before today, time is not ours to borrow when for eternity one so prays. Only an honest man never up for sale believes no divine plan is ever allowed to fail. If pledges must be paid so the lost can have their way, always unafraid are the pious not led astray. The ensuing persecution and all it entails demands a retribution only the faithful to avail. There is only so much that can ever be forgiven when by tragedy one is touched and by vengeance God is driven. The true meaning of salvation will always disavow embracing a heartless nation that so much evil does endow. Punishing believers for daring to disagree, when every man is a deceiver no one is truly free. Many are the questions most dare never ask, many are the suggestions always taken to task. Must faith be reprimanded by all those who disbelieve, as injustices so commanded by false promises one be deceived? As men of faith always martyred have for a pittance now been quartered, many mysteries still abound about the lost who have been found. Those who bless their enemies while thanking for persecution are paying all the penalties of an unwanted absolution. How long must a man just pretend he doesn't see the reasons so many can dream only of being free? While under persecution that never seems to end how long before retribution is finally at hand? As Christ once said only the truth can set us free, but many are the dead always begging to disagree. In a world that worships lies that only serve the rich the truth to despise is just another pitch. Playing many roles offering full disguise, many are the souls that money always buys. What does it mean that the Gospel one commends when longing only to be seen as one who always spends? Is the divine truth foretold that we live in a world of lies where even justice is sold for those who all can buy? Eternal is the damnation of those who all condone when the price of salvation has long been set in stone. But has the time arrived when the truth becomes a lie, one only to be revived by the faithful condemned to die? While those who lust for power only enjoy their finest hour, many just passively wait for injustices to simply abate. Silence is not the answer when injustice is the cancer that so often resides where our best hopes still abide. In the Book of Revelation there finally comes a time when the martyrs' indignation becomes a punishable crime. But myriad are the questions that must be answered still, myriad are the deep suggestions on how to use free will. In a world that worships pain with the most uncaring disdain, the violent choices made have from the Gospel always strayed. If time is money, time is also pain, no joke is ever so funny that it makes us laugh in vain. When life is an epic journey leading only towards salvation, fallen is the army striving for a different destination. Individual are the choices always bravely to be made while hearing many voices vying only to persuade. Time never stops for the faithless along the way, always worshipping their clocks, always having much to say. But if time is to conspire against those who never tire, all a man betrays is the peace that all allays. Sacrifices made so as time to gently appease are never a fair trade for those already on their knees. Being present in the moment, having Time as his opponent, a man stops to take a view that nothing is ever new. Worshipping the past will never see us through if the old must be recast as something always new. While trying to engage the many problems of this age, one must now respond to all who have been wronged. Only the Bible offers solace, always coming to our aid, when persecuted by the lawless and injustice all pervades. The wisdom there contained gives vision to the blind as the Holy Spirit so ordained for the benefit of all mankind. Clear vision is a blessing bestowed only on the pure whose affliction is so distressing they struggle only to endure. From the vantage point of experience and a memory that still betrays, the view is so nefarious many have lost their ways. Can the church still provide refuge for the meek or has it lost its stride while the strong prey on the weak? Surveying now the present, while learning from the past, some verities are so unpleasant to entertain at last. Of all truths the most profound one to now revive is that Eternity is bound one day to arrive. Only this moment of truth atones for the sins of youth when no malice was naively found in authorities so world renowned. For those who serve the Devil, accounts will then be settled, as God has only one plan to address the fall of man. But no faith is ever small that fights to persevere if lies are all a man can ever hear. Always remember the cross destined to guide our way through a time of great loss when so many are led astray. Freedom will never cease to be the allegiance we swore, those who want peace must first prepare for war! Though God never avows unnecessary pain, the divine never bows before the profane. A revolution born as the truth should never betray its youth, refusing one day to die as just another miserable lie. Though the time is short, and much work is yet to be done, no good dream should one abort once life has only begun. Dreaming of the day when love will reign supreme is the reason so many pray... God may ourselves only redeem. Has the day arrived when even the most deprived will finally be saved from the hands of the depraved? The court is now in session for those whose single-minded obsession is seeing that justice will prevail for the strong and for the frail. Rising to the occasion by means of vocal of persuasion, Time only stridently testifies on behalf of innocent cries. While longing for a tomorrow so much better than today, one must first address the sorrow of the innocent led astray. So many are the trials where innocence stands convicted, false hope only defiles those by corruption still afflicted. Failing to heed the calling of impunity so appalling, never by God excused are the guilty so rarely accused. Justice is a word whose meaning has been deferred to an undisclosed future date for those condemned to wait. Opposing time is the destiny of those striving to persevere against a common enemy that instills so much fear. Death never forgives those who life betray when the reason for which they live is simply to embrace decay. Divine is the ascendance only to value church attendance if the Gospel is truly preached as so earnestly beseeched. But if only the naive dare profess to still believe, who defends our liberty within the depths of infinity? From ashes to dust in a world still so unjust, will the invisible raise his voice so the righteous may rejoice? If silent prayers are ignored by a divine absentee landlord, what is the meaning of piousness in a world of extreme violence? A sword mightier than the pen is so often admired, the unjust laws of men leave much to be desired. What lawyer ever stands in defense of the truth when money so commands that he betray his youth? Only the young dare believe that equality before the law will never dare deceive those longing only for more. A privilege in disguise for which a price is paid can never be a right unless justice is betrayed. No court ever believed in the rights of the aggrieved when poverty only disarms the true parity of arms. Always so unkind, almost by decree, what justice is so blind that in the dark it cannot see? Never feeling bound by decisions that all aggrieve is the only solace found by the meek who dare believe. But if defending what is right requires divine might, then perhaps we should all pray: may we never lose our way. Saved is the attourney that proves the bold contention that long is the journey leading towards redemption. Salvation is only granted to all those who still believe no man was left stranded in a world of undue reprieve! When so much is wrong and injustices so abound, always keep strong, always stand your ground! The happiness to pursue is meant only for the few who keep the dream alive against which so many still connive. As no amount of money buys what is never sold, no day is ever so sunny that it cannot grow old. The time has now arrived when all those of life deprived must wonder the reasons why in such great misery they should die. As William Blake once observed not every man gets what he deserves, as "some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night". But as interests always vested great hope dare not convey, our patience is always tested well along the way. Many are the reasons we should never quit, many are the seasons when we must ourselves commit. Striving for the promised land, on our journeys we persist, while perseverance so commands us never to desist. Never save for later what can still be done today when time is but a traitor conspiring against your day. The future never estrange as being too far away from view, embracing much needed change always so incredibly due. Hope can only die for those who embrace the lie that surrendering amid the fight must be our common plight. Facing every day with a resilience meant for few, a man finds his way while starting life anew. Never bowing down before Time's own regal crown, if justice is to prevail silence we must assail. Speaking his own mind is not the purview of the blind, always so easily deceived by false promises so ill-conceived. Raising his own voice in defense of what is true, a man must embrace the choice of battling what evil may ensue. Opposing what is wrong is only for the strong whose purity of heart still longs for a new start. No journey is ever finished that should leave a man diminished while his heart still commands that he fight for what he stands. Always pressing on despite all obstacles along the way, there will be a brand new dawn, there will be a brand new day! Optimism only fails when succumbing before the details of plans that only account for endless problems to surmount. If one can be so candid, no man is left stranded who fights to persevere with each and every year. Seeds were only sown so as to bear fruits one day, no man is ever so alone that he should only reap dismay. There is more to our stories than vain perception can tell, when so many are the worries rendering life a living Hell. As a church that all endorses forgets what it should bless, demonic are the forces always ready to oppress. A buffet of the senses and sexual attractions is a life devoid of consequences for our choices and our actions. To dream of a new beginning those always bound on sinning should leave their ways behind if atonement they should find. Telling right from wrong is the purview of the strong, those who understand our time is now at hand. Every day has its struggles, its fair share of troubles, always trying to undermine our faith in the divine. Another reason to survive while under great strain is one need never be alive only to experience great pain. Should this troubled life ever so closely resemble Hell, for reasons always rife only in Heaven should our hopes dwell. Drowning in confusion, as if eternal life was an illusion, faith stumbles along the way as only true believers may. Pain never to subside leads only one to doubt whether taking God's side is the remit of the devout. To say life has no meaning... to say life has no rhyme... is to embrace a world so demeaning... we should bow before time! No pain can last forever for those who dare believe in life the greatest endeavour is eternity to achieve. Tomorrow brings a new beginning that still believes in a happy ending. So God may have the final say, so we may not ourselves betray, always reject the meaning of Hell, never surrender before time itself! There is no greater crime than to reject God's eternal graces, vanquished is Time when eternity one embraces. For the faithful who believe we should not ourselves deceive, never-ending is the story of God's divine eternal glory. Though pain may only try to compel us to deny, Heaven is the reason to strive through every season. Eternity now beckons, calling us to embrace the greatest of all weapons, faith in God's eternal grace. Sublime is the view always seen from above when a God divinely true reveals himself as Love.


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