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  • Andre Lamartin

Where the Wild Things Are

If reliving the past means not learning from our mistakes, yesterday should only forever last every time a man awakes. Always knowing what we lack is never entirely straightforward, even children sometimes look back before bravely moving forward. Rarely is a straight line the shortest distance between two points, a happy childhood is the first sign true love never disappoints. If our paths are made straight, and we have reason to boast, a glorious past can indicate what we should value most. A love always by our side, while so many others leave, can turn any tide for those who still believe. A child's imagination can also help us see... past whatever present frustration has brought us to our knee. Only those deriving meaning from lines never written in vain pine for a world less demeaning, one unruled by another's pain. Unless mysteries never unfurled remain imprisoned in a library, no newly created world is merely imaginary. As no child is ever alone, whose imagination is free to run wild, no man can ever atone if a child's creation is defiled. Childhood's lost purity can only be regained by the requisite maturity to leave it all unstained. While a child remains inspired, a disparate reality we must endorse, much patience is required before imagination can run its course. Life as lived in the wild can adults only aggrieve, but regal is the child who sincerely dares to believe: power is not a toy misused by a wild thing, long live the boy destined to be king! Must we eternally grieve for a bright future always pending, or can we still believe our story deserves a happy ending? Baffling is every question that should be of concern, if love is the lesson most care not to learn. Traveling so very far for a happiness meant for few, many bear the scar... of dreams never to come true. But as a child plays its part without undue correction, young is the heart always searching for affection. Love can only reign over a world so many revile... by setting aside our pain... if only for a little while. Though life was never created merely to be destroyed, pain always discriminated what to overcome or to avoid. Being victimized by a past that still refuses to die is a part entirely miscast for a man who refuses to lie. As the wisdom of youth helps to avoid damnation, only embracing the truth leads to salvation. Armed with sacred words so bravely lived and piously read, his future a man still guards despite the troubles lying ahead. If the language spoken by One should not be understood by all, much work remains to be done if man is to rise from the Fall. So never second guess what your heart says it's true, no man is made less by starting life anew. If an unforeseen obstacle still trammels our way, a life less farcical will ourselves never betray. But forgiveness is a language many care not to speak, as life in an orphanage is unmeant for the meek. Where the wild things are is where some still long to be, but why travel so very far only to be set free? If only tragic ends ever justify violent means, must all of our friends be treated as machines? Those who only work as if there was no tomorrow know time is the only perk they can never borrow. Hope should always be coupled with a love for every weather when all our friends are troubled while being alone together. A love that is true should in our hearts always reside, though the many, not the few, have in this regard always lied. No lifelong search for perfection can perfection ever find, but those still in search of direction should never be so blind. The most important lesson learned, as a child becomes a man, relies on the experience so bravely earned where his dreams and life began. To be loved for all you are, and for all you will ever be is what renders a shining star the most beautiful sight to see. Those in search of love, and all that is true... should always look above for a much better view. When finally reaching a standpoint from which to contemplate Creation, remember Love is both our starting point and our final destination. If the rulers of this world could strive to see this far, no child would ever be hurled where the wild things are.


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